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6 Unique Ways to Up-Cycle an Old Tyre!

Worn tyre? No problem. It can be quite disappointing when you get back off a nice ride then come to the realisation that your tyres are simply not fit for the roads anymore. It’s time for change!

If you’re anything like me, your worn tyre will be left in your garage for about a week. You’ll then be obliged to take it to a tip or something because you just don’t know what to do with it! If you’re not like me, then by all means, go ahead and get creative with your old tyre. Make sure to send us a picture of the finished product!



Of course this one was going to be first on the list. Why? Because we’ve featured it before... and there’s so many examples online! If you’re a bit of a green-finger, this one will be right down your alley... or your garden steps!


See what we did there? If only I had a big garden! I’d probably need a collection of tyres too, come to think of it. We don’t have a garden here at the office, but if we did I’d definitely be up for a word with the team to make this happen!



We might as well stick to the outdoors! I feel like you’d need a big garden for this one though. Unless it’s already full of hidden gems like washing machines and such.


Whether it’s a garden table, or you’ve got a few tyres to stack up into a little dining room table. Up-cycling your tyres into tables are probably one of the easiest ways to go. All you need are tyres and glue... right?



Unfortunately, this idea won't be very good idea for me because I've got a Labrador. If you have a small dog, or a cat (or a sheep as pictured) I think they might be quite content in sharing a part of their owners pride and joy as their bed!


Here in Yorkshire we call it a poof (formerly spelt as Pouffe – which looks French), but I’m not quite sure how far that stretches in location to be honest with you. Overseas I believe it’s called an Ottoman. Basically, tyres are a great foot rest if you put a cushion on them!


Whether it's a base for a standard lamp or a ceiling lamp, this is another great idea. Maybe you could come up with an idea for a table-top lamp, but in our opinion, tyres are a bit big unless you've got a castle, or a mini-moto.

In our minds, you could hang a tyre from a rope from a roof with these style bulbs in the middle:


Have you got any ideas to add to our list? Let us know down below!



24 May 2019

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