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Motorbike History

24 Mar 2016

Harley-Davidson.. What are they all about?!

We Buy Any Bike research Harley-Davidson. How have they done such an incredible job of becoming an iconic American motorcycle manufacturer?

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Motorcycle Facts & Figures News

15 Mar 2016

There is an increase in female motorcycle riders! Why is this?

We Buy Any Bike look at the statistics on female motorcycle riders. Why is there an increase? Motorcycle riding is stereotypically seen as male dominated

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Motorbike Adventures

29 Feb 2016

UK’s Biker Friendly Counties: Where to go!

When riding to different counties, its good idea to know where to head. We Buy Any Bike have put this Bikers Guide together for you!

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Motorbike Training

23 Feb 2016

Motorcycle licence: what you need to know

At We Buy Any Bike, we are constantly asked to explain the different motorcycle licence categories. This blog will break all the information down for you!

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Motorbike Theft

16 Feb 2016

Tips to stop your motorcycle being stolen

What can be worse than going outside to your bike, and it not being there? WeBuyAnyBike  give you tips to stop your motorcycle being stolen. 

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Motorbike Theft

12 Feb 2016

My motorbike was stolen, twice!

WeBuyAnyBike.com has firsthand experience of a motorbike being stolen.  Nothing really compares to the feeling. 

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Selling Motorbikes

4 Feb 2016

Thinking of selling your motorbike? Here’s a few tips!

These days selling your motorcycle doesn’t have to be a long or complicated process. We Buy Any Bike give some tips to consider when selling your motorbike.

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Buying Motorbikes

8 Jul 2015

Which Ducati Scrambler - Buying A New Motorbike

There has been an awful lot of hype lately in the motorcycle magazines about Ducati`s latest offering; The Ducati Scrambler.

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