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Ever Been Pulled Over On A Motorcycle?

The winds in your hair and you’re feeling free as a bird! Then you hear the dreaded sound of sirens, your heart drops and you pull to a stop. You’ve been caught out! Thing is while you’re having fun and going the speed of light, your motorcyclist mind can drift and suddenly your over the speed limit. Of course, you don’t have to be going crazy fast to be speeding, just 32mph in a 30 is dangerous and illegal. If you’ve never been pulled over before, it can be pretty scary. Your mind can race thinking, Are those sirens for me? Is this actually happening?... What did I do wrong! We Buy Any Bike are the UK's leading bike trader. We have put together a few points that you may find useful if you ever get pulled over by the police!

Cool It

As mentioned above, getting stopped by the police for the first time is scary. It’s easier said than done, but try and relax. Pull over safely, turn your bike off and remove your helmet. Look courteous and polite, sitting with the engine running and helmet visor down when the officer approaches isn’t a great way to start. So while you are getting off the bike and taking your helmet off, remind yourself that coming across as calm and non-aggressive is the best possible move.

The Steed

Did they have a point?!.. Think about your bike, was it only really a matter of time until you got pulled over. Take a look at your steed, some examples:
  • Do you have an illegal number plate
  • How loud is your exhaust
  • Do you have tax and insurance
  • Are your indicators working
  • Are your tyres balding
If you get pulled over for speeding and any of the above are wrong as well, you’re just not helping matters! If the officer was planning to let you off, they probably won’t if they discover any of these problem areas. police-sell-my-bike-1


If the police see you driving by in ripped jeans, trainers and a t-shirt – you’re not giving off a good vibe. Sensible clothing means you probably have some sense in general. It’s all about the impression you give while riding and hedging your bets so that if you do get caught speeding the officer might give you the benefit of the doubt.


Arguing with the officer is a really bad move. REALLY bad move. You need to remember they are just doing their job, and if you were speeding you were the one in the wrong. So don’t backchat or be obnoxious, this is the person you should try and get on the side! Be humble and take a telling, if it’s your first offence they might even let you off. Don’t assume anything, so just wait to hear what they have to say, as you might put your foot in it before hearing the facts! we-buy-any-bike-gear-768x396

True Lies

Working on the above, the office knows the facts. So don’t panic and try to lie yourself out of trouble, it’ll just make it worse. Listen to what the officer says without butting in and admit you in the wrong.

Sorry!sorry-emoticon An apology goes a long way, and officers appreciate it. So say sorry and cross your fingers.

Take Off

This might seem obvious, but once you’ve spoken to the officer ride off in a controlled manner. Whether they have given you a ticket or not. If you get back on your bike in a huff and speed off, you will only annoy them. They would be within their rights to pull you over again for acting like a hooligan!

Follow Up

If you are given a ticket, don’t get moody and angry. Simply take it, and pay as soon as possible. There’s no point in waiting around with the fine, it’s not going anywhere! It won’t get lost to the system, so get it paid and take it as a learning experience. We hope these tips come in handy if you get pulled over, and if you have any suggestions or stories to share about this please do so below!... we-buy-any-bike-value-my-bike-768x576



27 Oct 2017

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