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Should grid girls get paid!

Laura the grid girl!

A few weeks ago a wife in the racing world tweeted about grid girls getting paid but the riders not. This brought thoughts to my mind. So read on and I will explain to you what those thoughts are.

Just one thing I’d like to make clear is that I have nothing against grid girls. As I’ve had the experience myself, I thought it was awesome! But equally they shouldn’t be getting paid. Their pay should be given to the rider(s).

Grid girls

So, lets start of with what their role is for those of you that don’t know.. Their role is, they stand on the grid before the race starts with an umbrella which shades the rider and bike. But why do some girls get paid? It’s ridiculous!

Now I’ve told you what the role of the grid girl is. I’m sure you should know what the rider does. Some of them DON’T get paid, but a girl with an umbrella does?

The riders who go out there and risk their lives don’t get paid.

I have been a grid girl myself and absolutely loved the experience as I am so passionate about the sport and am willing to help out riders where I can. (I did brolly for free. Just to make that clear). I wouldn’t and didn’t expect to be paid.


With riders, they do their ‘job’ for the love of it. Riders like Danny Buchan are passionate and enthusiastic about riding and racing a motorcycle competitively.

Personally, I couldn’t tell you about being a rider, that’s an experience I’ve not had and never will… I’m not that brave!


But I can tell you from being with a team for a weekend that they put every penny they earn away from the track into their racing careers. Racing motorcycles cost a lot of money. I know that on average that a Superstock 600 ride will cost you around £30,000 for one year. But as I touched on earlier, the team or rider spends that money because they love the sport and love to ride their motorcycle. And, let’s be honest, that’s what is making our sport better at the end of the day.

Having more riders on the grid is better for the viewers, better for the economy of the organisation who hold the event which ultimately means our sport and facilities will get better and better.

I understand the factory riders get paid. Their team’s budgets are bigger and they are backed by their chosen manufacturer. But this isn’t the reason a girl should be paid to hold an umbrella, is it?

What do you think?

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