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How much is my bike worth?

How much is my bike worth? I hear you ask... Here at WeBuyAnyBike, you can find out! All you need to do is enter the registration number of your bike for a free valuation today! If you like the look of the price, it gets better, we can collect it for free! With over 16 years in the motorbike industry, we all have a passion for bikes. We Buy Any Bike are proud to be the UK’s leading motorcycle buyer and motorcycle valuation specialist!

When Should I Sell My Bike?

Well, you can certainly value your bike at any given time. However, we wouldn’t recommend proceeding with the sale right at the beginning of the season. By all means, this is probably a great way to go if you want to sell a motorbike privately for cash only, and no new bike at the end of it. But, if you’re a biker with a strong burning passion for bikes, we’d recommend popping the registration number of your bike into our system when the season is over! This is a quiet time for us. We do work well under pressure; don’t get me wrong! But, selling your bike to a motorcycle trader like us when the autumn is in full swing; you’ll be getting one of the members of our buying team in their prime time! They’ll be in a relaxed environment, and so will you! motorbike trader - bike valuation - whats my motorcycle worth - webuyanybike - we buy any bike(1) I say this because you’ll have a bit of relaxation time before it’s time to upgrade again. Providing you don’t spend all your money preparing for Christmas that is! Well, I suppose you could treat yourself and buy a motorbike shaped piggy bank to get you giddy.

Best Time to Buy a Bike

Our team is always growing, so we can’t really tell you how many bikes we’ve personally bought in total... We would if we could but we just can’t! It’s a lot though. This means we really know when the best time to buy is, and it’s a little bit before the season starts; let’s say the end of February/beginning of March. Not many people buy at this point, the showrooms are all quiet, and the salesmen are stress-free. This, in turn, gives you an overall great experience. We’ve also noticed that in the prime of the season, prices tend to go up a little bit. So, buying early will save you stress and money; you can’t really go wrong with that, can you?!

A little bit about us!

We Buy Any Bike are the UK's leading motorcycle trader and motorbike buyer. We have a team of friendly bikers travelling around the UK, 7 days a week collecting bikes for cash regardless of their age or condition! Have you got a bike to sell? We will buy it from you! Remember! WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest! If you'd like to speak to a member of our friendly sales team, feel free to contact us on 01274 600 224, or if you’re a computer wiz and you’d prefer, you can drop us an email at, feel free to pop some pictures of your bike into your email too! Sell a motorbike the easy way with WeBuyAnyBike!

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11 Sept 2018

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