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The city of Birmingham has an extensive population of 6 million people within 50 miles. In central Birmingham, there are over 1 million, making it the second largest city in the UK, outside of London. To think that this was once a tiny Anglo-Saxon village is pretty unbelievable!

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It’s safe to say, that with those statistics, it’s a pretty awesome place to own a motorcycle. With this in mind, We Buy Any Bike has created a Biker’s Guide for this buzzing place!

Biker Hangouts & Cafes

  • Triumph Motorcycle Museum
    This is a perfect experience day to get up close and personal with the history of Triumph Motorcycles. Learn what goes on behind the scenes, and get to know the faces behind who made Triumph just who it is today.
  • National Motorcycle Museum
    Birmingham is lucky enough to be home to the award-winning National Motorcycle Museum! Here you will find a huge collection of over 1000 bikes. The oldest on exhibition dates back to 1898!
  • Dom’s Bike Stop
    Located beside West Eaton Nurseries in Leominster, Dom’s Bike Stop is very welcoming to all bikers – it’s in the name really! Founded by Dom himself, this is a great place to stop, grab something to eat and meet some friends whilst you’re on a ride out!
  • The Food Stop Cafe
    Karen, Ade, and the rest of the team enjoy welcoming all bikers to their Bridgnorth Cafe! Here you will find ample parking, some lovely food, and lots of likeminded bikers. Not to be missed!
  • The Packhorse
    This sports pub is often visited by Birmingham’s own 1066 MCC. Whilst they aren’t necessarily targeted towards bikers, the place is certainly visited by them on a regular basis.

Motorcycle Live

Yes, you read that right – Birmingham is lucky enough to be the home of one of the nation’s biggest Motorcycle events; Motorcycle Live! People travel from far and wide to attend this spectacular number, with 

Biker-Friendly Accommodation

  • The Tamworth Arms
    Situated in Tamworth, this pub and hotel is often visited by bikers who enjoy paying overnight visits. Their large car park provides lots of space for your bike, and the atmosphere inside is very welcoming.
  • Haymills Guest House
    This spacious guest house has 2 acres of land surrounding the premises. The secure off road parking facilities are perfect for those travelling by motorcycle!
  • Park Cottage Warwick
    This grade-II listed number is located in the heart of the town of Warwick. Built back in the 15th Century, Park Cottage used to be home to the Dairy department of Warwick Castle, until 1978. Almost 10 years later, it became the bed and breakfast that Warwick-folk know and love. Janet and Stuart have been the ‘hostess’s with the mostest’, proudly running the place since 2001. For their biker guests, they provide secure parking facilities, but you might have to let them know first!

Motorcycle Clubs of Birmingham

Motorcycle Repair Shops in Birmingham

If you are in the unfortunate position where your bike is broken whilst you’re out and about in Birmingham, here are some local specialist repair shops!:

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Did you know…?

  • Birmingham is known to be the metal capital of the UK in terms of music! It is responsible for giving the world some fantastic musicians from the likes of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Led Zepplin, as well as many more!
  • Once a little Anglo-Saxon village surrounded by a sea of trees, the name ‘Birmingham’ hails from the followers of ‘Beorma’. Inga comes from the Anglo-Saxon translation of People, and ‘ham’ means land! Nobody really knows who ‘Beorma’ was, but he/she must’ve been of importance – they even have a large iron arch over the River Rea on Gooch Street!
  • If you fancy taking a trip to Venice for their beautiful canals, save your money, Birmingham has more!
  • This is one that we didn’t want to add, but it’s only fair. You may or may not know this, but We Buy Any Bike is based in Bradford – the UK’s curry capital. Birmingham on the other hand is responsible for the Balti recipe!
  • The British treasure, Norton Motorcycles was founded in Birmingham!
  • If you take a trip to Bull Street and close your eyes, cast your mind back to 1824 and you might just see some fella called John Cadbury making some chocolate. This memory was in fact the foundations of Cadbury’s chocolate, a product we all know and love today!

Biker Routes:

Portway to Stratford

Brecon Run

Walsall Run


As we mentioned in the facts, we’re not based in Birmingham, but regardless, we will buy your bike and collect it for FREE! Our team of drivers are out on the roads 24/7 collecting bikes, so see what we will offer today and we’ll collect your bike in 48 hours. Most of our bikes are collected within 24 hours! We Buy Any Bike pay the most and collect the quickest!

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