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Sell My Bike In Birmingham

The City of Birmingham is located in the West Midlands. It is believed to be the second largest city in the UK, outside of the capital, London, with a central population of 2.6 million.

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Due to the population, the centre of the city isn't the best place for riding, as you can imagine. However, the outskirts and the West Midlands alone, have some stunning places to ride. We’re going to share some routes and places to stay with you today, for your next trip to Birmingham!

Routes in Birmingham


Shropshire Hills to Birmingham Loop

This beautiful ride grasps the stunning views of the Shropshire Countryside. Complete with a collective distance of 107.5 miles. Take this route if you’re stopping in Birmingham and you won’t regret it.


Wolverhampton to Burton on Trent, and back again!

Just north of Birmingham is the friendly city of Wolverhampton. Take this tour over to Burton upon Trent on this 52.8 mile long trip with a nice mix of bends and straights, and some fantastic scenery too.

Accommodation in Birmingham

Are you looking to stop over at a biker-friendly hotel in Birmingham? Here are some of our recommendations!

The White Lion Inn

Just a short a ride from Birmingham in the town of Solihull sits the White Lion Inn. This Grade II listed property is rich in history. Served as a licensed pub since 1838. Alongside serving alcohol, the friendly staff here also have a collection of nice filling dishes to fuel you up for a long ride ahead. Opt-in for a night in at one of their 7 luxury, home away from home rooms.

Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel

Why not stay a night in pure luxury over at the Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel?! Located just 6 miles from Brimingham, this stunning Grade I listed property is located amongst 10 acres of English Garden. It’s also a perfect place for weddings. Just in case you want to pass on the word to anyone who’s looking to get married soon! There is ample parking for their 42 guest rooms!


The Old Rose and Crown Hotel

Nestled in the Lickey Hills is The Old Rose and Crown Hotel. This is another beautiful property that is located with 400 acres of land. Lickey Hills Golfing Range is next door. Each of their 11 rooms is individually decorated in a red romantic colour scheme, adding a reference to the ‘old rose’ part of their name. Breakfast comes complete with every booking.

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Biker-Friendly cafes and pubs in Birmingham

Biker Clubs

Fun Facts About Birmingham:

  • There's a crater on the moon called Birmingham
  • Oxygen was discovered here in 1774
  • The Shire in Lord Of The Rings was inspired by the fields of Sarehole, where Tolkien used to spend a large majority of his childhood. He was also one of the many famous faces from here.
  • Some Famous motorcyclists from Birmingham past and present include- Walter Handley, Rem Fowler, Frank Cope, and Chris Vincent.
  • Ariel Motorcycles were founded here! Read all about them in our latest blog post.

Sell My Bike in Birmingham!

Are you looking for a quick quote on your bike based in Birmingham? We can help! Our friendly team of drivers pay numerous trips to Birmingham on a weekly basis. So if you find yourself wondering, ‘I wonder how much my bike is worth…’, give us a call today on 0345 340 3616. We Buy Any Bike pay the most and collect the quickest!



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