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Motorcycle Live 2013 - a great show for the "never beens"

Well, the fabulous NEC Motorcycle Live 2013 is still reverberating a couple of weeks on! As a virgin to this legendary event, it filled my head with numerous thoughts and endless possibilities as to what to do on two wheels (even trikes or monowheels!).

image of a naked ducati motorbike

I found it good value as I had blagged a reduced rate ticket as a student grease monkey, but would still have paid the normal £20 entrance fee, although that may be considered excessive for some.

If you`ve never been before or just getting into the bike scene, I highly recommend it. It grabs you and makes you just want to jump on the first bike you see and go for it! Just looking at the new bikes, their lightness and touch, filled me with excitement.

Honda Cup Cake

All manner of manufacturers had their wares on show, from vintage racers, sports, touring, classic motorbikes and sidecars (one of my particular favourites), to off-road and adventuring (my other favourite). Just looking at them all made my throttle hand twitch. The red arrow on the exhibition plan stated “you are here”, actually, I was in motorcycle heaven!
We even had coffee with a bike-themed cupcake.

An adventure to be had?

image of motorbike racer and sidecar

Racer and sidecar I felt like a kid looking through a toy catalogue and if I sat on Santa`s knee, for Christmas I`d ask him for a new motorbike, specifically the new British CCM GP450 Adventure. It`s a great looking bike, and if it was a fella, I`d ask it on a date; a sweet synthesis of power and practicality, good looking but so refined! As good on the road as off.
More importantly, it was a good fit for me. I could just feel the Central Asian sand kicking up between the wheels leaving a dust trail as I skipped across the Gobi desert….. Even though my body is longer than my legs, the handlebars were a comfortable distance away, yet I could get my feet on the floor, (and apparently the saddle comes with a choice of 3 heights), what a bonus!


CCM GP 450

Thing is though, you can`t have an adventure bike without the adventure...

I was fired up after being given a copy of `The Ride` London to Beijing overland which rather whetted my appetite for a real challenging outing. The DVD journey, albeit an escorted one, was of a bunch of (varying in abilities, wealth and age) male adventurers enjoying (well, enduring) the challenges, perils and the (potential) pitfalls crossing those countries from here to there!

I`m only halfway through watching it, but feel dirty and exhausted!

They all seemed to be sticking to consensus, riding BMWs; sturdy mules. However, I would fancy my chances on the CCM Adventure bike. Not only would it get me there, but it would be fun to ride! On one of my travels, I met a guy who`d gone overland from the UK to Africa on a pizza delivery scooter, so I`d take a flyer, leave the BMW behind and happily straddle the CCM.

Unfortunately, back in the real world, I can`t see Santa dropping a £8,000 adventure motorbike down the chimney. So, to have a stab at my dream I guess I`d have to sell my existing workhorse of a bike (CBF 500). For fast cash and reliable service, I could go to to realise my assets. It`s just one option, mind.

Ah well, I`ll dream on, and look forward to the next show!

Image of Sara Van Van Hayes



16 Dec 2013

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