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Motorcycle Trader? That's us! We offer a simple service for all bikers... You’ve come to the right place! We’re all bikers with a passion for bikes. We the experts who will tell you the exact value of your bike; offering cash for motorcycles on a daily basis! If you've got a bike to sell, or maybe you’re just curious! Welcome to We Buy Any Bike! You can simply enter your registration number, right here on our website for a free valuation today, and if you are looking to sell motorbike, one of our friendly team of bikers will be in touch to arrange payment and collection!
Preparing your bike for the UK’s top motorcycle trader
Oh, it does make us blush when you think of us! In reality, giving your bike a good spring clean and overall caring can really make a difference! It may not be spring – but we certainly recommend it! sell my bike - webuyanybike - we buy any bike - sell motorcycle - sell my motorbike Now, the best way to look at your bike from this perspective is through the buyer’s shoes. They’re going to look through every aspect of your bike, so it’s time for you to crank it up a bit... Get the maximum price possible! In turn, you want to surprise yourself!
Let’s Begin!
You want to start the whole process by giving your bike a good rinse, and I mean a good one. You almost want to power wash it! Give your wheels a good old clean, getting rid of any dirt hiding in the nooks and crannies. Obviously, this is bound to give your bike a blank canvas for you to work with, especially when it comes to touching it up with your paint stick! Now it is time for a service! Here we’ve got you a little checklist!...
  • Tyre Pressures
  • Change the Oil & Oil Filter
  • Brakes
  • Electronics
  • Lights
  • Check Bodywork
  • Paint Surfaces
  • Mirrors

This is a great starting point. Getting your bike well on the way to the trader’s, without any outstanding concerns. With us, there won’t be any anyway, but you’re guaranteed to great value on your bike if you can prove it is well looked after; and if it is evidently so!

The Next Step

This step has narrowly made this onto the list! We felt it wise just to add it if you were to sell your bike privately... see how kind we are?!

Providing your bike with an MOT isn’t always a critical procedure. If your bike is going to a trader, they will probably sort it out. However, if you’re going the private route, it’s pretty much common courtesy to do so in the motor trade! We understand that it can be a little bit complex, so we would certainly recommend taking it to your regular garage to do so. Let your usual mechanic say his goodbye’s too!

Obviously, if it is March 2035, and your bike isn’t scheduled for its MOT until February 2036, we’d probably give it a miss. You can get away with that one! If your wheels are due to their test in less than 6 month’s however, we’d recommend turning to the previous paragraph! motorbike - motorcycle - bike - biker - uk - uk biker - bike trader - wash

Wash Away... and Wax!

You’ve reached the final stages! This is where it gets exciting, and potentially disappointing, depending on how you feel about your bike! Got dirty hands from the service? Not to worry! It’s now time to wash your bike, hopefully (depending on your skills), everything will be nice and clean soon!

It’s time to get yourself a good bike cleaner! We recommend the proper cleaner by avid racer, Guy Martin. We’ve heard it’s cracking! – I’m sorry, we had to! Make your bike look very sleek as it makes its way to its next owner!

For wax, on the other hand, we would recommend some good old WD-40! Tesco are selling it for just £2.75.

Motorcycle Trader, We Buy Any Bike
We collect bikes from all over the UK, whether you’re based in England, Scotland, or even Wales! Have you got a bike you don't want anymore? After you sell your motorbike to us, we will pick it up free of charge (and we’ll give you cash in hand, if you like)! We Buy Any Bike are the UK’s leading motorcycle valuation specialists. We’re a motorcycle trader who has a passion for bikes, and pays the most and collects the quickest! Sell a motorbike today! Alternatively, if you'd prefer to speak to somebody direct, feel free to call us on 01274 600 224 where our friendly sales team of experienced bikers are on hand to give you advice. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can email us at


10 Sept 2018

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