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Must Have Motorbike Accessories in 2023

At We Buy Any Bike, we aren’t just motorbike buyers, we are riders ourselves. Here we have put together some must-have motorbike accessories that we couldn’t ride without and that will enhance your next road trip.

Motorcycle Phone Mounts

If you are going to be using your phone for directions, traffic updates, hazard alerts, or to cruise along to your favourite music, then a good phone holder is an essential motorbike accessory. For this, we’d recommend the Quad Lock. It is super easy to use and will keep your phone safe and secure.

Motorbike Heated Grips

Heated grips are an essential motorbike accessory, as they’ll ensure cold hands don’t affect the enjoyment of your ride. Many bikers use these all year round as they are just as effective on cool summer evenings as they are on frosty winter mornings. We'd recommend Oxford Hotgrips. They have 9 heat settings and have different versions depending on what type of bike you ride. But if you sell your bike, be sure to remove them, as having heated grips doesn’t increase the value of your motorbike but you may want them for your next bike!

Motorbike Cameras

Motorbike cameras or helmet cameras are basically dashcams for motorcycles. These are becoming more and more popular amongst bikers so they can capture footage of their rides. They are great for sharing content online and for capturing evidence if an accident occurs. There are some great options out there, such as the Thinkware M1 and most Go-Pros are robust enough to handle a motorbike journey. Ensure you follow the instructions from the manufacturer for correct installation.

Motorbike Intercoms and Headsets

A good intercom or headset is another essential motorbike accessory and will keep you connected whilst riding. They can be used with your phone for calls and music as well as to speak to other riders in your group or to your passenger. We’d recommend the Cardo Packtalk Edge. It offers great sound, attaches easily to your helmet, and will pair with your phone. It’ll also let you connect with up to 15 riders within a 1-mile range.

Motorbike Locks

Arguably the most important motorbike accessory, is a motorbike lock. This will deter thieves from your bike and make it less easy to steal. There are various motorbike locks available on the market including steering locks, disc locks, grip locks, and chain locks. None of these on their own are likely to be enough to deter all types of theft, so we’d recommend using multiple locks to secure your motorbike. For even more protection, we’d also recommend choosing locks that have an alarm fitted.

Motorbike Trackers

A motorbike GPS tracker is another must-have motorbike accessory. In the unfortunate event that your motorbike is stolen, this will help you and the police track it down. Having a GPS tracker on your motorbike will also help your insurance cost. There are plenty of motorbike trackers available with Biketrac, Datastool Stealth, Sizzapp, and Monimoto being. Some trackers require a subscription and paid professional installation, so it really does depend on your needs and budget.

Motorbike Covers

Our final must-have motorbike accessory is a motorbike cover. This will protect your bike from the elements and will ensure it stays clean, dry, and ready to ride. We’d recommend every biker has one of these, but for those without a garage it is especially important as it will also deter potential thieves. Once again, there is plenty of these on the market, but our favourite is the Oxford Rainex cover.

As great as these accessories are, nothing beats the feeling of a new bike. If you are looking to change, then we will buy your current motorbike in a quick and hassle-free way.


Rachel Mackie

13 Sept 2023

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