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NEW TRIUMPH TFC: Limited-Edition

Attention all Triumph fans: The classic British brand is at it again in creating some exceptional ultra-limited edition bikes. We first found out about this after Man of Many recently wrote about the iconic, up and coming Rocket 3 TFC. Featuring a 2500cc engine, the new model of the Rocket is an absolute ultimate beast, and it is a must have collectible motorcycle.

Triumph Rocket: Where It All Began

Triumph’s Rocket is fairly new to the crew... sort of. The whole species started just 15 years ago in 2004. The original idea was to try and get a bike that would wiggle its way into the Cruiser market. However, that never happened – it did manage to make it in the ‘muscle bike’ and ‘street fighter’ scene though, sharing the stage with Yamaha’s V-Max!

Sadly, the very original Rocket III wasn’t long lived at all, but there is one on display at the National Motorcycle Museum. Over the years, Triumph has gone on to built a collection of Rocket III’s; the Classic, the Roadster, the Tourer, the Touring, and now we have the TFC!

Triumph Rocket TFC 01

The New Beast

We really do mean it when we say this new bike is a beast. With only 750 available, we can only hope that We Buy Any Bike, we will one day be lucky enough to buy it, but only time will tell! All of the Rocket engines are 3-stroke; it’s in the name – but this one is truly one-of-a-kind... it’s a 2500cc – the only one in the world! That alone just sells it for us.

The Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) has the world’s highest recorded torque with over 163ft-lbs and a horsepower of over whopping 168! This Ultra-Limited stallion has lots of added extras;

  • Carbon Fibre Bodywork
  • Unique Arrow Mufflers with Carbon Fibre End Caps
  • Signature Triumph Twin LED Lights
  • Hydroformed 3-Header Exhaust Run
  • Cast Alluminium Wheels
  • Fully Adjustable Showa Monoshock with a Piggyback Reservoir
  • Interchangable Twin or Single Seat Setups


In terms of colour, we don’t really have a choice, but that doesn’t matter it looks pretty bang on as it is! Featuring both carbon black and matte carbon black paints along with crushed foil decals. Not just that, it also has lots of little gold hints here and there; pure gold? Probably... maybe... possibly not. An electroformed 3D Triumph Badge is on this bike too; whatever that is! The new Rocket also has some hidden pillion footrests, just in case you fancy tagging someone along with you! There are also lots of extra carbon additions.

The star of the show has to be the GoPro control system – the world’s first ever! – Well done Triumph, you’ve smashed it again!

Alike the rocket, Triumph have also released an all-new ultra-rare Thruxton, there are only 750 available of these too.


Triumph Thruxton: The Origins

If we switched back time to 1965, some of us would be lucky enough to own and ride a special edition Triumph Bonneville’s. Initially, the very first model went solo, created in the original factory in Meriden. Back in 1962, Triumph took the #1 podium at the Thruxton 500 3 times! The wins were taken by Tony Godfrey and John Holder who both rode T120’s. In celebration, they decided to adopt the name. At the time, Endurance Races were a big influence to the ‘Cafe Racer’ scene.

  • Did you know? – The first edition Thruxtons actually featured clip on handlebars! I doubt that would pass the health and safety regulations that are around these days...

Triumph Thruxton: What’s New?

This state-of-the-art model is the king of the pack in comparison to its brothers. This new model comes complete with a 1200cc Classic Bonneville Engine, reaching a horsepower of 107. Surprisingly, the Thruxton TFC is 22lbs lighter than the edition before. Some other features include Vance & Hines Titanium Mufflers with Carbon Fiber End Caps (we love a bit of Carbon), along with laser-etched branding.


In terms of appearance, the Thruxton is almost perfectly twinned with the Rocket 3. I say almost, because it obviously isn’t identical in terms of shape. The colour-scheme, however, is pretty much bang on!

We’re not actually sure where you can get one in the UK as it is still brand-new territory, but make sure to contact your nearest Triumph Dealership to find out more!

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11 Jun 2019

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