Rider of the Month: March - Dougie Lampkin Image
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Rider of the Month: March - Dougie Lampkin

So, it’s that time of the month again where we focus on our rider of the month. Thanks to his birthday being just a couple of days ago, this month we’re going to be focusing on Dougie Lampkin! 

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Dougie Lampkin’s Roots 

Motorcycling, and sport in general has been the centerpoint to the Lampkin name for centuries. Not only is Dougie a reigning champion to Motorcycle Trials and Enduro, but his dad Martin, along with his Uncle Arthur are both two names that are often heard in the industry.  

In an interview with Manx Radio, Dougie recalls that his Uncle Arthur is “The one that everyone remembers”, reflecting on his time on TV Scrambles from the sixties. His dad, on the other hand, was actually the first successor at the FIM British Championship in 1975, just a year before Dougie was born... was it fate? 

Dougie Lampkin’s Early Career

Dougie was born and raised over in Silsden on 23rd March 1976. At the fine age of 17 he won his first European Championship. The only championship he won prior to this was the Schoolboy Championships in 1991-92 . He was aged just 15 & 16 at the time. 


The following year saw Dougie take the winners medal at the British Championship. In 1997, Dougie Lampkin won the very same championship that his dad claimed legend territory in, embedding the Lampkin name into the FIM World Championships once again. 

Career Highlights 

In total, Dougie has won a total of 42 career win, and in 2001 he was awarded MBE. Aside from his competing, but still sticking to motorcycling, Dougie has completed 3 world records. One of the most famous of the three was when he completed the Isle of Man TT course doing a wheelie. Recorded by Red Bull, and you can view the highlights for yourself here! 

In 2018 Lampkin released his very own Autobiography, ‘Trials and Error’. Dougie now lives on the peaceful and beautiful Isle of Man with his wife Nicola, together with their two sons, Alfie and Fraiser. 

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*Please note: All images in this blog post are sourced from Pixabay.com. Dougie Lampkin does not necessarily feature in these images.



27 Mar 2020

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