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Rider of the Month

Rider of the Month: May - Conor Cummins

It’s that time of the month again where we talk about our ‘Rider of the Month’, and this month’s feature is Conor Cummins!

We suppose you could say that Conor was ‘made to ride’, since he was born during the Isle of Man TT race week, on the Isle of Man in 1986.

Conor’s Early Career

Little is known about his introduction to the racing world. Conor started his racing back in 2004 when he came 6th in the Virgin Mobile R6 Cup. In fact, he bought his first racing bike, a Honda RS125 from his current Sponsor, Padgetts.

A couple of years after his debut, Conor was quick to win awards. In 2006, Conor received the title of the ‘Fastest Newcomer’ in not only the Isle of Man TT and the North West 200, but the Southern 100 as well. Along with this, in that same year Conor also claimed first place at the newcomers race during the Ulster GP.


The Luck of the Irish!

Following the success of the Ulster GP, Conor soon rose to the top the very next year in 2007. In that year he was champion of both the Irish Road Race and the Irish Superstock Road Race. During the same Ulster GP that year, he also came second in two races.

Nationally, he managed to secure 13 road race wins, as well as being branded the wildcard at Donnington that year.

Due to mechanical problems, 2008 deemed to be quite the let-down. However, with team Yamaha, Cummins secured 3rd place at Oulton Park and 5th place at the TT Superstock.

First-Ever TT Race Podium & Broken Record!

2009 was the taste of victory that Cummins knew he needed; this was when he claimed his first Isle of Man podium. When June 10th rolled around, he came third in the second Jr Supersport TT alongside Michael Dunlop and Bruce Anstey. During the Senior TT he was awarded second place behind Steve Plater with just a 19.45 second difference!

This may have been a successful year for Cummins, but it was also a definite one to be remembered. This was the year that he succeeded to become the world’s first Manxman with a record lap speed of over 130mph! Conor also won the title of the fastest man in the world that year.


Broken Records to Broken Bones

2010 was a memorable year for Conor Cummins, and we don’t really mean that in a good way. After a few rounds at the Isle of Man TT, racing for Macadoo Kawasaki, Cummins took a tumble during the Senior TT. This fall resulted in a bad break in his left arm, a dislocated knee, ligament damage, a bruised lung, a hairline fracture to the pelvis. As well as this he also endured a broken back in two places. These injuries resulted in an operation that would last a mere 11 hours, and would mean a long road to recovery.

Guy Martin, who is a good friend of Conor’s, also endured an accident that year. Cummins was forced to sit out 2011 for recovery.

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear!

When 2012 rolled around, it was announced that Guy Martin would team up with Conor Cummins for TAS Tyko Team Suzuki. It wasn’t long into the season where Conor suffered yet another injury at the North West 200 Superbikes. The injured wrist meant a review had to take place into his Isle of Man TT Campaign. This injury meant that Conor was forced to sit out the next few races. Following this, nature took reign of the races and the whole show was forced to close for the first time in 105 years.

The Next Few Years Looked a Little Bit Like This…

20133rdLightweight TT Race
20142ndPokerstars Senior TT
20143rdDainese Superbike TT
20143rdNorth West 200 Superbike
20146thSuperbike 2
20156thSenior TT
20157thSupersport TT
201510thSuperstock TT
20158thSupersport TT 2
2016 *Switched Sponsors to Padgets6thSenior TT
20167thSupersport TT 2
20167thSuperstock TT
20164thSupersport TT 1
20167thSuperbike Race (NW200)
20179thSupersport TT1
20178thSenior TT
20185thSuperbike (NW200)
20185thSupersport TT 1
20184thSupersport TT 2
20193rdRST Superbike
20196thMonster Supersport
20195thRL360 Superstock
20194thMonster Supersport 2
20193rdSenior TT
20193rdSuperbike NW200
20193rdRace 1

What has Conor Cummins been up to in 2020?

Well, I know we’re in 2021, but let’s just say 2020 has been a bit… restrictive. Aside from spending some quality time with his wife Daniella and their little baby, Conor has opened his very own coffee shop/Pizzeria on the Isle of Man!



2 Jun 2021

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