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Christmas Money Saving Tips for Bikers

I think it’s safe to say that we’re rolling well into November now, and Christmas is becoming more acceptable in our vocabulary. A lot of people call it the big C word because it’s big in the cash department. Well, they probably call it that because they don’t want to accept that it’s coming up, and the shops are soon going to be playing Christmas songs on full blast. Whatever the case may be, Christmas is expensive, and if you’re a biker, it can be more expensive. Putting a limit on the number of bike parts you buy (and bikes in general) is tough! With this in mind, We Buy Any Bike has come up with a list to help our fellow bikers save for Christmas!
  1. Make a Budget Plan
This is always the first point of call. Who are you going to buy for, and how much does everyone get, and an overall budget plan... Bobs your uncle, you’ve got a plan.
  1. Have a Clear Out
    Get rid of your old gear. Got a few old helmets lying around? Keep a spare just in case, but if you’ve got more than 2, sell them for cash!
  2. Sign Up to Loyalty Cards
3d-motorcycle-biker-bike-motorbike-we-buy-any-bike-webuyanybike-scooter-christmas-festive-santa-300x300 I avoided these guys for years because I thought that they’d take money randomly out of my account... Not sure where I got that from, but they don’t! It might be too late to sign up to them now for this year, but if you spend money on parts shops like Sports Bike Shop and clothing shops like GetGeared, it’s worth getting one! Next year you might have enough points to spend on gifts for your fellow biker friends.
  1. Re-Gifting
    Have a clear out with a kinder mindset. If you have stuff lying around your house still in good condition, whip out the wrapping paper and go to town! If it’s an old present, make sure you don’t re-gift something to the person who originally gifted it to you. A friend of mine made that mistake once... it didn’t go down too well.
  2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
An excellent way to get some bargains! We’d advise setting an alarm nice and early – it’ll be worth it, trust me. We all know about the infamous Black Friday; infamous because of the painful rush of people out shopping. Highly frustrating, but if you get up early, it might not be as bad – or do some late night shopping, but then you’re risking empty shelves... It’s up to you, but the suggestion is there! The safer option is Cyber Monday, which takes place on the 28th November 2018. Save it to your diary, I just have! You’re likely to experience technical issues, and if you’re not very familiar with websites, get a tech-savvy person by your side... You need to act fast!
  1. Make your Gifts!
    125363c69533ae0f0943d37615b3bec6 Image Source: Even if you’re not creative, this will add a comical value to your gift, and stories to tell in years to come. For your biker friends, why not save some old bike parts and mould them into gifts. If there’s no chance they’re fit for your bike, here’s the perfect opportunity to use them! We’re not suggesting turning old bikes into furniture – a great idea, but it might not be that easy to wrap. The internet is a wonderful place and there are lots of ideas online! You could turn some old gears into candles, or you could get your green hands on and turn an old worn tyre into a garden planter... the possibilities are endless, with priceless(ish) results! motorbike-motorcycle-tyre-bike-webuyanybike-we-buy-any-bike-biketrader-bike-trader-motorbike-trader-motorbiketrader-sell-my-bike-bikers-guide-money-saving-tips-christmas-garden If you aren't very confident in being creative, and you feel like your buddies might mock you for the rest of your life if you make them a present, get some ideas here! Last year we made a whole bikers gift guide for the festive season.
    Sell Your Bike!
    We know to some this may sound like a dreadful decision, and we're not suggesting it to everyone! However, if you’ve got a collection in your garage, pick one you might not use as much. If you sell it, you might even get a full budget worth of Christmas presents! Likewise, if you’ve had your bike a long time, and you’ve had a think about how much you might get it. Christmas is a perfect time for a valuation! Your wheels won’t get as much action in the winter, and by the time the season starts up again, you might want to upgrade! Why not see how much your bike is worth today with motorcycle valuation experts WeBuyAnyBike? Sell motorbike this Christmas for cash!


12 Nov 2018

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