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Sell My Classic Motorcycle

If you have stumbled across this page, chances are, you’re looking for somebody who will buy your classic motorcycle. In this day and age, it can be very difficult to find a buyer who will treat your bike with the care and respect that you have given it for all those years. Maybe you’re looking to sell a classic motorcycle of a relative; their pride and joy have been in your hands for years and you just don’t have room for it anymore!

Whatever the case may be, selling a classic motorcycle to the UK’s leading bike trader would be an excellent choice – we offer great rates on all classic motorcycles. To us, they are a treat to the office!

6 Ways to Sell a Classic Motorcycle

Social Media

The rise of Social Media calls for a whole new world for us all to sell just about anything. For example, I’m going to use Facebook – because it seems to be the only platform on the internet that has made itself a little shopping centre (more commonly known as the Marketplace).

The great thing about selling something on the Facebook Marketplace is that you can condense your range availability. The platform is already based on location, and it is completely free – which is another bonus!

There is always a negative though, isn’t there? At the end of the day, there are billions of people on Facebook – a new thousand of them could be in the area. That’s only a small percentage of users, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a lot – especially if they’re all interested in buying a vintage motorcycle! You can’t trust everyone, and private selling is a way of opening the doors to tyre kickers and hagglers. That is the last thing you need when selling an antique motorcycle!

Classic Bikes - Online Auctions

Similar to the Facebook Marketplace, eBay is another very popular platform when it comes to selling Classic Bikes. eBay is the nation’s favourite online auction website, so it seems fitting to use this one for an example. This is a very fun and competitive platform for a buyer trying to get the best bargain possible, but for sellers, it can be very overwhelming.

Imagine this: you’ve taken the best pictures, listed them up, you’ve written up the most irresistible description. Then, you watch the price go up... and up... and then it stops. This is nowhere near what you wanted for your bike – but the bikes been listed for ages, you can’t possibly leave it any more.


Join a Club

This, without a doubt, is probably the one where you’re guaranteed to get a ‘trustworthy’ private sale. Joining a motorcycle club; for example, the VMCC will open the doors to many friendships. If you join a club with the intention of selling your motorcycle, we’d recommend holding fire a bit and getting to know your new buddies before setting up your old girl for sale.

But, what are the cons of selling to your new found friends? Well, it entirely depends on you and the people you’re selling to! You may feel obliged to flog your rare motorcycle for a price that you’re not quite happy with, and you might now be so close to your new friend, that you don’t feel like charging them any more money.


A well and truly old fashioned way! Creating flyers is a way to be creative about your motorcycle – it’s also probably a great way to go if you are private selling, alongside an online listing. The only downside to this is that if you aren’t all clued up on your computers, and this is your only option – it can be very time-consuming.

Trading In

There is literally no better phrase than using ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Trading in a classic motorcycle with a brand new ride is a very, very rare occasion – but if you have your eyes on a new ride for a big price – then why not?!


Bike Trader

Last but not least, we’ve come to the bit that we hope you’re here for! We can only speak for ourselves, so we will do just that! Selling your classic motorcycle to We Buy Any Bike is a great option. As we just love a good classic bike, we offer very competitive rates on them. So, if you have been inherited with a vintage or antique motorcycle, get a FREE instant quote on our online valuation system today!

Since classic bikes are sometimes a rare breed, we highly recommend speaking to our team if you have a classic motorbike on 01274 600 224. It is also well worth sending some pictures before calling us so that our friendly team can see the bike whilst you’re discussing your wheels. Please forward them to



17 Apr 2019

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