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Trikes are great machines! One of the main reasons trikes are so successful is because longtime riders that don’t feel comfortable on two wheels anymore can still feel the buzz of riding. People that have perhaps lost strength in their legs, don’t have great balance anymore and so on can travel by trike.

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If you’ve found this page because you’d like to know more trikes, keep on reading!…

Trike Talk

The word ‘trike’ used to make you think of crazy 70s custom bikes. They were usually built from a motorcycle platform, with some fibreglass parts and a rejected Beetle axle! However, they are changed drastically over the years.

Trikes can be classed as motorcycles, motor scooters, or the three-wheeled counterpart to a motorised bicycle. A big difference between the motorcycle trike and a scooter trike is that motorcycles saddled rather the then the step-through seating style of the scooter.

Trike motorcycles can be arranged in two categories, which are delta or tadpole. Deltas have one wheel at the front and two at the back, whereas the tadpole has the reverse. Further from that trikes can also be split into machines either bike engined and car engine.

Under some regulations, it may be possible to carry a few passengers while riding a three-wheeled vehicle. This is with a motorcycle driving license, to ride a motorcycle-style vehicle with a car license and avoiding wearing a helmet. These machines are sturdy which are great for people with mobility, balance or strength problems.

Trikes disappeared for a while but they’re coming back. This time though, they’re the production kind, not so much the custom kind.

Some mass producers include;

  • Piaggio MP3; the Piaggio Ape
  • Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic
  • Polaris Slingshot (tadpole)
  • Bombardier Recreational Products Can-Am Spyder (tadpole)
  • we-buy-any-bike-buy-trike-motorcycles

    CanAm’s Spyder is an extremely popular trike, they give a sportier look compared most designs. The CamAm boosts a safer and easier bike to ride but seems to be attaching a younger audience due to its awesome looks. In the TV ad, the CanAm is being ridden along while a ‘real’ looking biker throws an approving nod to the machine, which did a good job of backing up that this is a pretty cool trike.

    Do I need to wear a helmet on a trike?

    As the popularity of trikes has risen over the last few years, people have been discussing the laws that accompany the machines. A big question that is often asked is, do you need to wear a helmet on a trike? Well, the answer is No. However you may choose to wear one for safety, you might not be on two wheels but you’re still exposed to the outer elements and bare if you have a crash.

    Motor Cycles (Protective Helmets) Regulations 1998.

    Statutory Instrument 1998 No 1807:-


    1. Citation and Commencement – Omitted.

    2. Revocation – Omitted.

    3. Interpretation.


    In these Regulations:

    1992. EEA state means a state which is a contracting party to the agreement on the European Economic Area signed 2nd May 1992.

    1993. A reference to a numbered regulation is a reference to the regulation so numbered in these regulations.

    1994. A reference to a numbered paragraph is a reference to the paragraph so numbered in these regulations.


    Protective Headgear. B26.04

    (1) Save as provided in paragraph every person driving or riding (Otherwise than in a sidecar) on a motor bicycle when on a road shall wear protective headgear.

    (2) Nothing in paragraph (1) shall apply to any person driving or riding on a motor bicycle if –

    1. it is a mowing machine.

    2. it is for the time being propelled by a person on foot.

    (3) In this regulation “motor bicycle “means a two-wheeled motorcycle, whether or not having a sidecar attached, and for the purposes of this definition where the distance measured between the areas of contact with the road surface of any two wheels of a motorcycle is less than 460mm those wheels shall be counted as one wheel.

    (a) either –

    (i) bears a mark applied by its manufacturer indicating compliance with the specifications contained in one of the British Standards (whether or not as modified by any amendment) mentioned in schedule 2 to these regulations.


    (ii) is of a type manufactured for use by persons on motorcycles which by virtue of its shape, material and construction could reasonably be expected to afford the wearer a degree of protection from an accidental injury similar to or greater than that provided by a prescribed under regulation 5.

    (b) If worn with a chin cup attached to or held in position by the strap, provided with an additional strap (to be fastened under the wearers jaw) for securing the helmet to the head ; and

    (b) is securely fastened to the head by means of straps provided for that purpose and “strap” includes any fastening device.

    Do I need to wear a seat belt on a trike?

    Trikes can be a confusing one to categories, especially when it comes to safety rules and reg. So helmets aren’t legally needed on a trike because they are on more than two wheels. Does this then mean seatbelts aren’t required?…

    Vehicles first used before 1 April 1987.

    Seatbelts are required for three wheelers that fall into the following categories:

    1. With an unladen weight over 410Kg first used on or after 1 January 1965.

    2. With an unladen weight over 255kg if first used on or after 1 September 1970.

    So there you go! We Buy Any Bike have listed some trike information and fun facts, we hope you enjoyed the read!

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