The New MV Agusta F4 – MV Agusta F4 Review

The MV has rejoined the British and World Superbike packages and although one championship is going well for them the other is not going so well, but more about the bike itself…

MV Agusta F4



The new model now has the short-stroke motor and produces 195bhp! The valves use a single spring instead of two, this means when the MV is fast it’s hard to be precise on the amount of throttle you use. However the fantastic sound of the MV should make up for any quirks the bike has.

The bike also features new electronics which include a ride-by-wire system and new 50mm Mikuni throttle bodies, anti-wheelie, eight stage traction control, four riding modes, electronic engine braking control, a quick shifter and auto-blipper as well.

The ride and handling of the MV Agusta..

Like I mentioned earlier the MV is used as a race bike in both British and World superbike championships which brings me to my next topic. The handling and ride of the machine. It’s said to be a ‘piece of cake’ – the F4 has lots of grip and steers like a race bike regardless of your speed.

However if the power was as good as the handling it would be second to none. There is also an issue with the riding position as it’s said to be cramped as well. But overall the bike is a great handling machine.

Toys.. All men like their toys..

This bike comes with a lot of them too. As well as the electronic rider aids I’ve already mentioned it also comes with fully adjustable Marzocchi and Sachs suspension, Brembo monobloc brakes, multi-functional dash and steering damper.

Quality of the machine and Reliability

The attention to detail with this machine is brilliant – it’s like no other. New underseat tailpipes are beautifully sculpted to form a undertray section.

There is also aerofoils underneath the belly pan for the stablity when you’re riding the machine at high speeds as well as fancy new LED running lights which are fitted on the front and rear of the machine.

The problems with the MV do occur, like with anything these days but they are rectifying them. Spares these days for the MV are easier to find. The paint finish is immaculate on the MV and the styling of the bike is also brilliant – very good to look at too..

So it comes down to the next topic..

Is it value for money?

It used to be in the top price bracket.. but not any more. The MV is more expensive than it’s Japanese rival machines. But cheaper than the BMW S1000RR sport, Aprilia RSV4R and the Ducati Panigale. So it’s fair to say it’s in amongst it’s rival machines but just that bit cheaper.

The MV also has two other versions of the bike the F4 R. As well as the F4RR, so you can pick and choose which MV you like the most!

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  1. Are you able to give me an estimate of what my bike would be worth, it is a 2002 MV F4 750 Senna, it is as new, it has never been registered, it has never had a battery in it, it has never been started, comes with original box of accessories [RG3 pipes, spare sprockets and original battery] it has sat in my lounge room for the last 15 years.

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