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The New Triumph 675R - Triumph Daytona 675R Review

The new Triumph Daytona 675R has been labelled as one of the best 600cc bikes on the market at the moment. If not, the best. But why is this? It's faster, has better handling than the old 675 and is said to be easier to ride. triumph daytona 675R 2
The 675R has been launched alongside the standard model which was first released in 2006 and by just tweaking the machine it has improved - Triumph moved the exhaust positioning on the new bike to improve the handling. The exhaust can now be found on the right hand side to even out the weight distribution for a better handling machine.

Perfect for any rider

The new 126bhp three-clinder short-stroke engine the bike has only makes 2bhp more but the machine revs harder and can be easily tuned – Triumph's objective for the bike is to be raced which is perfect for any rider. Triumph have also included lots of new components. The bike has a new cylinder block, pistons, gudgeon pins, crankcase oil baffles, titanium inlet valves and gearbox. A new slipper clutch has been added which has a two-way ramp for extra slip and grip on and off the throttle and lighter clutch springs. The ABS has a circuit setting which disables the rear ABS and lets you slide your way into the corners, very suitable for racing on short circuits. Perfect for the Triumph Triple Challenge and Smiths Racing riders Billy McConnell backed by and Glen Richards. Another thing which is perfect for the racing scene is the way the motorcycle is so fast and controlled around corners and seriously quick in a straight line.
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Apart from the ABS and quickshifter on the bike there isn't any other rider aids like you see in MotoGP such as traction control and power maps, but the Triumph 675R has been tried and tested by ex MotoGP star Neil Hodgson who labelled the bike as the best 600cc machine money can buy. Although the Triumph is such a good bike, quality and reliability when buying a bike does become a factor. And on the whole, it's a dependable machine but Triumph haven't been without their reliability issues along their journey.

Great value for money

Another thing, is it worth the money? Does this machine live up to its value? And, it has to be a yes for the amount of performance you get from the 675R. It's great value for money. Even better, the standard version is cheaper. It's an easier to ride motorcycle than the Suzuki GSX-R750 and the Ducati 848. So it's the quickest regularly used bike you can buy. The model is definitely the best of the lot. Triumph first launched the bike in 2006 but gave the machine a 'face-lift' in 2009 to make the bike quicker, weigh less. But also to change the way it looked with different bodywork and ECU. In 2011 they brought out the all-new 'R' version. Which was complete with Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes. A quick shifter was also added as well as carbon fibre front mudguard, exhaust cap and fairing infils.

Gone down a storm

Along with racing stars the general public and biker enthusiasts love the new 675R. The bike has gone down a storm in the Triumph Triple Challenge. With youngsters Chrissy Rouse, Freddy Pett and Charlie King getting to grips with the motorcycle very quickly. Australian rider Billy McConnell has pushed hard to grab his first British Supersport win this year. But so far that hasn't come, but new title contention riders have. How will Billy McConnell fare alongside the current champion, Glen Richards once again this year?


17 May 2013

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