Tips For Long Distance Rides


Setting off on one of your long-distance rides soon? You might be interested in this article! The We Buy Any Bike team have put together some tips and tricks to make sure you are ready to hit the road.

1. Windshields Are Great

When you’re riding around a city, it’s easy to forget the need for a good windshield. Due to buildings, houses and so on you’re hardly ever hit by the full force of the wind. However, when you have a long way to go, it’s likely you’ll be travelling at speed to make the miles up.

Getting blown around on a bike and fighting the wind is exhausting. On a long ride it’s important to preserve as much energy as possible, so invest in a good shield! You’ll be thankful after a few hours on the road.

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2. Don’t Trust The Weather

If you live in England you’ll know to never…ever, trust the weather forecast. If it says you’re in for some sun, there’s probably hail on its way.

Be as prepared as possible for rain. Nothing is worse than being wet through, freezing and knowing you have miles to go. Riding in the rain is fine if it’s not seeping through to your skin, so a good waterproof is suggested!

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3. Technology Time

Technology such as a Sat Nav is great for obvious reasons, but I like to think about what would make long-distance rides even more enjoyable. Some people are more than content with riding for hours with just their own thoughts; I turn to technology.

Intercom allows riders to talk to each other, which is one of my favourite parts of my equipment. Being able to chat with your riding buddy is great; of course, if you get bored you can turn them off and maybe listen to some music. You can also link your Sat Nav to your helmet using Bluetooth, which I find really useful.

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4. Plug Them Up

Wearing earplugs during one of your long-distance rides is something I have only recently come round to, after riding to Spain. I never wore them before as I found them slightly uncomfortable, and in general, didn’t think the noise affected me that much.

When I set off to Spain I luckily did pack some but didn’t think they would be in use. After 3 hours riding on the motorway with only one 20 minute stop…I was ready for them! I had a headache and my ears were ringing. The plugs saved me. I’ll now never get on my bike without having my ears plugged.

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