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We have been in the industry for over 16 years; some of us have been in the biking industry for much, much longer! We’ve got biking running through our veins, and we love exploring different spots. So, if you’ve stumbled across this page looking for some new spots to venture out to, here are some of our favourites:

Hardknott Pass, Lake District

This is a very, very dangerous one. Not only is it popular for motorcyclists, but it’s also a popular spot for cyclists, cars, walkers, and yes… you guessed it (probably not, really); sheep! The extremely winding roads are very risky and only to be taken on by the experienced rider. Taking you from Eskdale to Ambleside through Beckfoot, this beautiful Lake District route is a challenge but a worthwhile one for the right rider. Dating back to the Roman times, it might not come as a surprise to you, but this ancient 26km long route is classified as the steepest in Britain.

Titterstone Clee Hill, Shropshire (A4117)

The views from this one are absolutely breathtaking. There isn’t really a too or from the spot on this one; just find yourself the A4117 and there’s no doubt you’ll know where we mean when the scenery leaves you, probably having to pull over because of its beauty. The top of the hill is situated a mere 1,500ft above sea level, where you can stop off and have a picnic; or further down you can pull over at The Golden Cross for a bite to eat and a refreshing drink; have one for us whilst you’re there and feel free to send us a picture on our Facebook Page!

The Cat & Fiddle, Peak District (A537)

All the ‘Districts’ in the UK are just mesmerising, aren’t they?! This short but spectacular road is a bit of a quiet ride, reaching just 11km. Depending on what type of rider you are, it will take you just 10-15 minutes to complete, and we’d definitely recommend this little ride for those beginner bikers. So, if you’ve got a friend who has just passed their CBT; why not take them here?! Show them what it’s really about! More commonly known as the Buxton New Road, to outsiders, The Cat & Fiddle is situated in a sea of the countryside; you’ll probably come across some sheep on this one too, so try not to scare them, we don’t think they like loud engines!

These are just 3 of our favourite routes; we have some more over on our blog post, along with some pictures and some drop-off spots. Alternatively, if you have any to add to the list, that you think other bikers might like; leave them down below!

Planning a route to a certain area? Type in your town or county of choice into our blog’s search bar to find our routes of choice! Best Biking Roads have some too.

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