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Austrian manufacturer, KTM was formed in 1992. It has roots dating back to 1934. The company was split into four companies, carrying the same branding. KTM is mostly known for two and four strokes off-road motorbikes. KTM holds 130 world championship titles, Dakar win and endless nation championships.

The History of KTM

In 1934 an Austrian engineer, Hans Trunkenpolz, KTM motorbike foot restopened a metalworking shop by the name of Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. By 51 the company created their first motorcycle, the R100. The company grew in strength and size over the next couple years. Holding 20 employees and producing three bikes a day. Mid 50s Ernst Kronreif becomes a large shareholder and the company is renamed Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofe.

KTM motorbike foot rest

The 60s go well, with the production of the Comet moped. The cross-country Penton Six Days dirt bike is created, shipped to states. In the 70s KTM started making their own engines and production really kicked off:

► 250 Cross and Enduro bike

► KTM Hobby III

► Comet Grand Prix 125 RS

► 50cc range extended

Through the 80s KTM really refines the machines. The motocross models outfitted with new Pro Lever suspension and they develop the first four-stroke engine with water cooling.

In the early 90s, KTM filed for bankruptcy, this is when the company split into the four sections… Radiators, motorcycles, bicycles and tooling. 1992 saw the opening of KTM Sports motorcycle GmbH, then renamed KTM-Sports motorcycle AG. Mid 90s KTM starts producing the LC4 including the electric start switch.

Into the 2000s and the KTM starts with a bang. Winning the Dakar Rally in 2001 with Fabrizio Meoni on an LC4 660R. It goes on with a number of launches. Introducing the LC4 660R, 990 Duke, 990 Super Duke, 990 RC8 Venom. 950 Supermoto, 950 Super Enduro R and many more! KTM is now building a strong following, with the backing of Red Bull.

In 2015 KTM exceeded the billion euro sales for the first time:

► Sales: 180,801 units

► Revenue: 1.02 billion EUR

► EBIT: 95 million EUR

► Investments: 110 million

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KTM is and has been the fastest growing motorbike brand in the world for years. In 2015 KTM increased both sales and revenue for the fifth time in a row.

There’s a great article about Heinz Kinigadner and the KTM in the Dakar Rally.

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