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Selling your motorcycle on eBay Motors?

Are you thinking about selling your motorbike online with eBay Motors? It is worth having a quick look on We Buy Any Bike first. If you sell your bike straight to us you don’t have to worry about

  • Creating an advert
  • Paying to list your bike
  • Dealing with possible time wasters on the phone
  • Having strangers turn up to your house
  • Being haggled down and not being paid what your motorbike is worth
  • To sell your motorcycle to motorbike trader, We Buy Any Bike… All you need to do is enter your registration into our website and do an instant online valuation. We will offer you the best price available for your motorbike first time. If you are happy with the quote we will collect your motorcycle free of charge from anywhere in mainland UK.

    You can select a time and date for us to come and collect your motorbike. You can even sell it within 48 hours. We keep things quick and easy, and promise to send you the money for your motorbike via bank transfer within 4 working days. You can even choose our premier payment option if you want the money faster.

    If you want just like to know a bit more information about eBay, carry on reading!

    How did eBay startup?!

    eBay has become known worldwide, after being founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar.


    The online site makes it easy for people to buy and sell all types of goods. Although eBay started life as an auction style sale site, the website quickly started offering a Buy It Now option. The site is free for buyers to use but the seller does pay a charge. EBay Motors was introduced in 2000. By 2006 it had sold its 2 millionth passenger vehicle.

    eBay was created by Pierre Omidyar, as part of a larger personal site. One of the first things to be sold of the AuctionWeb was a broken printer for $14.83. Omidyar contacted the buyer of the printer to make sure they knew that it was actually broken which they did. The buyer was a collector of printers. Omidyar quickly realised that this site could really work, maybe there’s always someone that will want items others don’t?!

    eBay continued as just a hobby for Omidyar until his internet provider contacted him. They informed him the site must be listed as a company going forward. Due to the high number of people visiting it. This meant that Omidyar was now being charged $250 a month for the site which he couldn’t afford. This is when he started charging for use of the site.

    Around the time eBay employed its first person to keep a check on the site, Chris Agarpao.

    In 1998 Meg Whitman was hired as eBay President and CEO. At the time the company had around 30 employees and revenue of $4.7 million in the USA. This was the year eBay went public, and on the first day of trading, the market share went to $53.50.

    By the time the 2000s hit, eBay was selling pretty much everything possible. EBay Motors was introduced during this year proving an instant hit. Selling every vehicle possible, cars, vans and motorcycles. In 2002 the company bought iBazar and also PayPal. 2008 eBay had more than 15,000 employees and had revenue of around $7.7 billion. In 2014 the announcement that eBay and PayPal will become independent companies was made. To help growth in their respective markets.


    Sell your motorcycle to We Buy Any Bike!

    If you are thinking of selling your motorcycle on eBay, why not try with We Buy Any Bike first, we pay great prices for motorbikes! You won’t have to pay to advertise or pay a percentage of your profit! has over 20 years of experience as a bike trader and motorcycle buyer, we will make sure the transaction is quick, easy and hassle-free.

    When you sell your motorbike to us you avoid:

    ✓ Tyre kickers

    ✓ Advertising charges

    ✓ False payment details

    ✓ Hagglers or time wasters

    ✓ Security experts on the wrong side of the law checking out your garage

    ✓ Test riders with no insurance

    We’re all bikers and we run a business for bikers. We know the pitfalls of selling a motorbike. We give you a free online valuation. Make you an accurate offer on your motorbike and collect your motorbike quickly free of charge… Where to value my bike?… We Buy Any Bike are the biggest bike buyers and bike trader in the UK, if you are thinking ‘I want to sell my motorbike!’ we want your motorcycle.



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