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11 Affordable Gift Ideas for Bikers

Since the festive season is among us, We Buy Any Bike thought we’d share our favourite gift ideas! Most of them are affordable stocking fillers, so they should be easy enough to squeeze in your basket before the big day.

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Hand Warmers

Perfect for the festive season, especially in the UK or any colder climate. If your gift ‘receiver’ doesn’t have any heated grips or heated gloves, treat them to some of these and thank us later!

Cleaner Kit

As a biker, the rule is, if you’re not on your bike you’re most likely cleaning it. Cleaning kits go down very well! There are a huge range of different brands that you can clean your bike with; but out favourite is Muc-Off

Oxford Exhaust Bung

For a fiver, you can’t go wrong! This kind of intertwines with the cleaner kit. Getting water in your exhaust when you’re cleaning your bike can be lethal to the machine. This handy little tool prevents all the dramas!

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Helmet Communication System

This is a perfect gift for those riders who have just started on their two-wheeled journey. If your friend has just started joining you on ride outs, why not treat them to one of these!

Clothing Attire

Since it’s 2020 when I’m writing this, I’m going to use neck tubes as an example. However, layers, thermals, gloves, or anything that involves getting dressed qualifies for this one.

Neck Tubes are a fantastic affordable option. They keep you warm and they keep you safe; and they sometimes come in multipacks – a winner in our eyes!

Gift Voucher

Some of us have our favourite places to shop when it comes to gear - ours is Sports Bike Shop! Gift cards are a great option for those who are struggling for gift ideas.


To be honest, I didn’t know exactly how to title that one, so I thought I’d get straight to the point! Inside every biker’s home, if you don’t find another bike, you’ll probably find a decoration of some sort. Whether it’s a light feature developed from some old chains, classic bike wheels mounted as clocks, or levers as taps (I don’t know).

Anyway, a few of us have these bad boys sat in our kitchens and living rooms, so we thought we’d share the love!

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Track Day/Event Tickets

Whether it’s surprise tickets to MotoGP, or Isle of Man (but not 2021 ?), or tickets to Cadwell. This one is a great gift for any petrol head who has a passion for speed on 2 wheels.

Handlebar Cup Holder

As long as the person you’re giving this to isn’t planning on putting their knee down when using this, we think it should work! We all know that feeling when we get out of bed and we know we’ll fancy a brew in a bit but we don’t quite fancy one just yet. This is ideal for those days! Simply make a coffee in your favourite reusable sealable cup, pop it on your bike, and drink it at your destination!

We Recommend: FAT Express Motorcycle Universal Handlebar

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This perfect for those who love to travel! If your friend is planning on taking a trip somewhere overseas with their bike, get one of these bad boys; they’ll love it! Our favourite is this gold and white one.

Build your own Motorcycle!

During this year, everyone has turned their minds to project building. As bikers, if we’re not riding we’re doing something to do with bikes. So, a build your own bike is a great idea in my opinion… even if it’s not going to be rideable – it can be a nice accessory for your house! We’ve got our eyes on this Meccano Ducati Set on Hamleys, but there are loads out there!

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17 Dec 2020

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