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I want to sell my bike! We hear you! It’s got to that stage, the time has come when you’re saying to yourself, I want to sell my motorcycle. WeBuyAnyBike, the UK’s biggest bike trader can offer you an instant quote on our website today… try it for free!

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Sell my Bike – It’s time to get going!

Before you begin, if you’re looking into auctioning off your wheels yourself; do your research. Take a look at your its current state, compare others to yours online and see what they’re going for. You might think your wheels are worth the £20,000 that you paid from new, but you’ve had it over 10 years. It’s never failed you, or maybe it has once or twice, but it’s had some wear and tear along the way. When selling independently, you will come across hagglers, don’t boost it up too much in price, it may be worth the world to you, but the next owner won’t really know the true value until they ride it!

Whether you’re going the independent route, or you’re looking into a trader. When the time comes, you want to think back to when you first bought it. Whether you bought it brand new, or you’re not the first owner. Once upon a time, that bike caught your eye, and that’s the impression you want to give when putting it back on the market!

I want to sell my motorbike… it’s time to get to work!

Before you have it looking good on the outside, it needs to feel good on the inside; your wheels have feelings too! If you’re any good on the technical side, you’ll know the drill already, but if not, we’d recommend taking it to your nearest MOT station. This is a great way to attract a new owner. If your pride & joy is sat on an independent sales website, with 11 months MOT left, as opposed to the model above you with just 2 months MOT, chances are if both bikes equally attract the viewer, yours will be the winner!

Prior to putting your ride on the market, it would be worth giving it a little service. When you finally get a viewing, that potential customer will probably want to test ride it, and give it a thorough once, twice, three times over. What you don’t want is them picking something out that you’ve missed.

So, with that being said, we’ve put a checklist together for you, for when the time comes:

❏ Check the tyres for pressures and frame dents; any damage on the tyres is a straight deterrent!
❏ Check the oil & coolant!
❏ Clean the breaks! You want the breaks to be nice and sturdy for the safety of the next rider.
❏ Whilst you’re there, check the chain! Make sure this is nice and sturdy too, for the same reason.
❏ Go through all the electrics, including the lights, clocks and everything else!

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Following this, you want to give your wheels a once over, give it a wash and see if there are any paint chips that stand out to you. Maybe they don’t stand out to you! Give it another check, with some paint in hand; you really want your bike looking the part for its new friend. If you’re not sure which paint to buy, it would be well worth doing your research, any old bike paint will look odd, and it might make you appear a little bit dodgy to the buyer!

So, it’s all painted up and looking pretty!

MOT is sorted, it’s all serviced. Now… you want to wash it, again. This step is only relevant if you were unlucky enough to encounter a paint miss-hap. We wouldn’t recommend going in there for a full wash, but we’d definitely recommend a rinse, just to soften the paint area.

Whilst your wheels are still in washing mode, finish off the process by shining the surface with some wax. As mentioned earlier, you want your it to look the part. If you’re going the private route, you want a showroom condition bike on your doorstep. You want to be in the position where you look out of your living room window, and you’re quite honestly getting cold feet about the whole thing because it looks so good! If you’re feeling this way, chances are you’ve done a good job and you won’t have any trouble getting your money’s worth… I’m ready to sell my motorbike for cash!

MotorbikeTrader, We Buy Any Bike have previously teamed up with GetGeared to share some more tips on selling privately!

It’s all about the money!

This is quite a tense feeling, we know; the only exciting about it is the money. You’ve felt a lot of pressure throughout the whole experience and now the time has come when you can finally think about what you’re going to buy in replacement. To you, the money part is probably the most important. You want to find yourself a trustworthy BikeTrader who lets you know how they are going to pay, prior to collection.

And here’s how the money stands:
  • Cash – Having cash in hand is probably the most reliable part. Since you’re getting a large amount of money in cash, however, it would be a good idea to be observant about what you are getting. If it is evident that your money has come straight from the bank, in sealed packages, you’re in luck. If this isn’t the case, it would be worth buying a counterfeit checker. You can get these at a reasonable price, and they’re usually quite easy to acquire.
  • Cheque – Getting your money this way is one we wouldn’t really recommend. Cheques can take an up to few days to go into your bank, and it’s often that Cheques bounce back. If you sell your bike to somebody and this should happen, you might have a problem on your hands. If you happen to get a cheque, it would be advised to make sure you have the buyer’s details exact. In addition, make sure you check the investor’s paperwork and make sure they have passed their CBT.
  • Bank Transfer – This way is also quite a reliable method. If you’re getting a bank transfer, you want to make sure that the person buying the bike sends the money in front of your eyes. Make sure the money has cleared and you have the money in your account prior to them leaving the premises.

Using a Bike Buyer to Sell Motorbike

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If you’re looking at turning to a bike buyer or a motorbike trader, look no further!

WeBuyAnyBike is the biggest biketrader in the UK and has been for many years. We offer great customer service and prices which means once you’ve

Our main mission is to make sure our service is as quick, simple and easy as possible. If you are going to eBay to sell motorbike, or perhaps you’re putting it on MCN, get a quote from us first! With the UK’s leading bike trader, you will avoid listing fees, tyre kickers and hassle. We promise you great customer service and quick payment. used us, you are sure to be back!

Sell my Motorbike for cash today!… All you need to do is enter your registration number onto our website for a free quote, and if you like what you see, press accept! Our trusty sales team will shortly be in touch to discuss which form of payment you’d prefer! Whether you’d like a bank transfer, or if you’d like a big load of cash in your hand, we can do it all! BikeTrader, We Buy Any Bike can also collect, that service is completely free! Will you buy my bike? Of course! All we ask is that you live in Northern Ireland; you can live in mainland Britain too! We cover England, Scotland and Wales.

If you’d like a quick quote just enter your details! Or if you would prefer to talk to someone directly call or email us today on 01274 600 224 or [email protected]

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