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Do you often find yourself wondering ‘where can I sell my bike?’… Look no further! Here at the nations favourite bike buyer; We Buy Any Bike, it’s in the name! We buy all kinds of motorcycles regardless of their age, mileage, and condition. So, next time you find yourself in your garage staring at your pride and joy with another model in mind – head on over to and see what we will offer… We pay the most and collect the quickest!

sell my bike

What’s the best way to sell my bike?

It’s entirely up to you; there’s no right answer. In this day and age the world is your oyster; there are plenty of places to sell your bike. As long as you’re honest with the condition of your bike, we believe this is the best way, to avoid any disappointing circumstances in the future.

Sell My Bike on Social Media

Since we were first greeted with the internet back in 1983, it has quickly grown to become the biggest empire probably known to man. When Facebook was first introduced to our computer screens back in 2004, the founders probably had no idea that in just 2 years, it would take over the world. It wasn’t that easy to sell a bike back then though, even the hashtag wasn’t invented up until 2007.

For a brief 7 years, the hashtag was probably the best way to sell anything on social media. If you didn’t know; just try it – hashtag #sellmybike and it will probably come up with a load of bikes for sale. It’s a great shopping tool too!

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The Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic platform to sell bikes… It’s like a pocket eBay! First introduced in 2014, it had a lot of hits and misses at first, but it seems to be pretty stable now. You may be curious as to how Marketplace works; it’s pretty simple really. If you have your location set on your computer at the time of listing, it will pick up anyone within a certain radius – but it’s up to them what settings they have on their computer. If a person is looking for a bike within a 10-mile radius, and your bike happens to be within that location, your bike will come up!

Facebook does not have the ability to exchange payment methods, so any payment would have to be made with agreement between the 2 parties.

Auction Websites

Listing motorcycles for sale on Auction websites like eBay and Gumtree is also another very popular method to sellmotorbike. We all know eBay has been running for years, but it wasn’t actually the first auction site to exsist. Back in May of 1995, a website called Onsale went live – it didn’t last long though. eBay out shined Onsale a few months later in September, and it’s been selling strong ever since!

On eBay’s 5th Birthday, entrepreneurs Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall got inspired. The outcome; Gumtree. They initially started the website for expats from South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia as a way for them to buy second-hand furniture for their new life in London.

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Bike Trader

We can only speak for ourselves! WeBuyAnyBike give honest valuations for all motorcycles. We’re the perfect website for if you would like some cash to go towards a new motorcycle you’ve been eying up. We also have a huge platform of customers who come to us that have inherited a relative’s motorcycle, and it’s simply a bit too big to fit in your garage! Don’t just take out word for it; see what our previous customers think over on Trustpilot!

We’re all bikers here at We Buy Any Bike; we know how stressful it can be to sell a bike. With this in mind, we suggest getting a few quotes from these guys as well as ourselves, if this is the route you’d like to take:

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