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“I’d like to sell my bike”; we’ve all been there; we’ve all said it! When it comes to the point in your riding journey of wanting to either switch up your bike for a new model, or you may simply want to shut your garage doors for good. It can be a very stressful and difficult time to address. 

Here at We Buy Any Bike, we saw the hassle that ourselves and our fellow biker friends were going through. Over 10 years ago, we took the first steps in creating our valuation system; to take the pressure off of your shoulders!


What is the best way to sell my bike?

There is no right or wrong way to sell a bike, but there are plenty of options. Over the years We Buy Any Bike as a team have picked up on certain mannerisms and statistics of the different ways people sell their bike.

Sell My Bike on Social Media

In this instance, because it’s the most popular and probably the most viable… if we’d recommend any, we recommend Facebook. The prime of Facebook started with Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004. Over the next 12 years, people would be getting to grips with the website.

Zuckerberg soon noticed after a few years that people were starting to flog their household goods, and their goods in general; he saw this as a new opportunity to expand the website. In 2016, Facebook Marketplace was born.

Although Facebook may be a very convenient option, and it’s pretty clever in the way ‘business’ is actually traded. If something goes wrong, Facebook itself cannot take responsibility because all payments are made through external sources. Another negative aspect could be that someone has seen an item for sale and they know where you live.

Sell My Bike to my Local Dealership

This is probably the simplest route, especially if you are interested in a part exchange. It may also be very convenient if you are located near a dealership. However, if you are looking for a specific price on your bike, a local dealership may not be able to offer you that quote or similar.


Is it a good idea to sell my bike on auction sites like eBay/Auto Trader?

Private selling can take a long time; especially when it comes to expensive items like vehicles. Although you may end up getting a really good price for your bike, it will probably take a long time to get there. By this time you will’ve endured various advertising bills. There is also a lot of stress when it comes to private selling. You’re likely to endure sleepless nights given the fact that your bike is publicly on display online.

Would I be able to sell my bike through Word of Mouth?

If you’re in a club, this will be the quickest way to sell your bike. Or alternatively, if you just know of people who are in the community; let them know about it! You could even pop up a little poster in your local corner shop! 

Tip: If you do this, make sure to post a picture of your bike in a scenic area so that thieves don’t recognise your house! Also, definitely don’t put your address on there - just a contact number/email will do.

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Sell My Bike to a Bike Trader like We Buy Any Bike!

We can only speak for us, but selling a bike to a bike trader like us will leave you in the hands of the friendly professionals. If you enjoy the look of the price we give you, your bike will be out of your hands in the UK; oh, and collection is FREE too! 

When we set up this business, we knew the hassle that went with private selling, and it all started when we helped our friends out with selling their bikes; obviously, when its your own pride and joy, it’s a lot more stressful. That’s not to say that we don’t love every bike that is unloaded from our vans - we do! In fact, we take pictures of near enough every one. 

If you’re struggling to sell your bike, or if you’d simply like a valuation, call us today on 0345 340 3616.



7 May 2020

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