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If you’re looking for Bike Trader UK; you’ve come to the perfect place because We Buy Any Bike are the biggest Bike Trader in the UK! With over 16 years in the industry, our expertise are truly valued! Don’t believe us? See what our previous customers have to say on our Trust Pilot page!

If your bike is very old, if it’s gone across the universe and back, and it’s been all scratched up along the way; we will buy it!

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Ways to Sell a Motorbike

In this day and age, there are plenty of different paths you can take to sell your motorbike. The internet is a place of wonder! Since it was first established in 1983, the cyber universe has grown a lot… and it probably hasn’t even reached its maximum potential yet!

Obviously, there are still the simplistic ways of selling your bike, such as word of mouth, post advertising, etc. But with the internet growing day by day, it’s near impossible to find anything advertised that hasn’t worked its way onto the world wide web.

Social Media

Sure, there are some popular sites out there, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, but none come close to the success that Facebook brings.

Established over 10 years ago in 2004, the site has clearly evolved from the little platform it once was. Back in its heyday, the site was originally a platform for Harvard University students to use; they typically had the basic layout from what we have today! 2 years following its introduction to the little audience it had, in 2006 Mark Zuckerberg was proud to present his creation to the rest of the world!

Although Zuckerberg was studying for a degree in Psychology, it was evident that his true passion was in Programming! Alongside Facebook, Mark created Student Social Site; Coursematch, as well as a site where you could rate the looks of your peers… This platform was called Facemash.

In 2007, Facebook started planning a platform that would basically provide an online shopping area for its users. For the next 7 years, something clearly went wrong, and in 2014, the company decided to call it a day on the idea. The following year, however, Facebook Market Place started planning again… and this time they did things right! After 2 years of planning, the new area of the site was finally published. In the 2 years that it has been running, the site has proved to be a success. Each month to date it has estimated a value of 450 million users per month.

Selling bikes on Facebook is quite a safe way of selling. All payment is discussed between the buyer and seller privately prior to any purchase, to make sure there is no fraudulent activity.

eBay Motors

This online auction site is another great platform which allows you to sell a motorbike privately. Since the grand opening back in the millennium, eBay motors has proved to be pretty successful! You can read all about their journey over on our very own guide to eBay Motors!

Auto Trader

This grand old company is officially over 40 years old, probably making it the oldest, largest mainstream automobile sales platform in the world. It is without a doubt, however, that since its introduction to the online world, it has particularly grown to be something founders John Madejski, and Paul Gibbons definitely weren’t expecting!

Today, Auto Trader is a website that has thrived at the sight of anything to do with wheels. It provides people with the option of selling privately, through paid ads, or alternatively, they provide a bike/car buying service… Just like us!

You may be wondering; how does WeBuyAnyBike differ to Auto Trader’s services? Well, as you might be able to understand, Auto Trader is a very big company who generally work with all kinds of vehicles! Their team come from all walks of life. Our online systems may be very similar, and we cannot speak personally for the team behind Auto Trader. However, we can assure you that We Buy Any Bike has built its recognition over the last 16+ years for being the UK’s leading bike trader. Our team is made up of bikers with a true passion for bikes. They will provide you with a true quote for your bike; we’re real experts in the trade!

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As our name suggests, WeBuy Any Bike!

Why not see what we have to offer; enter your bikes registration onto our website for a free valuation today! If you’re not too sure about the registration, that doesn’t matter! As long as you know the make and model of the bike for sale, we can value it that way too!

If you’re happy with the price, we can arrange payment and collection of your motorbike within the immediate time of 48 hours! Or, if you’d like to discuss the quote with a member of our team, we’re always free for a chat on 01274 600 224.

So you’ve just taken lots of photos of your bike, and you’d like to send us them; we can value it that way too! Simply send them with a short description of your bike to [email protected]

Remember! WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest!

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