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It goes without saying that We Buy Any Bike are the biggest bike trader in the UK. If you saw our huge fleet of vans, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that we have served over 1 million bikers across the nation.


Bike Trader in England

Located in Northern England, We Buy Any Bike will collect your bike regardless of where in England you are situated. We do travel to London on multiple trips during the week, and our drivers will even go right to the bottom as far as Lizard Point in Cornwall. Although we can’t say we’ve ever picked up bikes from that specific point, we would on request!

Who will buy my bike in the UK?

In short… we will! Here at We Buy Any Bike, we love ALL BIKES! Big or small, no matter what size your engine is, in any condition… we will buy it!

Will We Buy Any Bike travel to Northern Ireland?

Sadly, we can't offer our free collection service to Northern Ireland. However, if you would still like to sell your bike to us, we will collect your bike from anywhere in mainland UK. Give our team a call today on 0345 340 3616 to find out more.

Best Bike Trader in the UK

We pride ourselves on being the UK’s favourite bike trader. However, we understand that you might wish to get some alternative quotes too! So, if you’d like to shop around – how about trying some of these guys?


Alternative Bike Trader Solutions

We understand that you might wish to investigate other avenues when it comes to selling your bike. If you’d like to try some online auction sites, eBay and Auto Trader maybe some comfortable alternatives. However, another problem with private selling is this… there are so many other bikes on there! It’s like the biggest used bike dealership in the world!

Whichever avenue you would like to try when selling your bike, you could do worse than starting off by getting a quote from See what we will offer today!



10 Nov 2021

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