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Motorbike Valuation

Want to know what your bike’s worth? Whether you’re considering selling or just curious to know, discover the true value of your motorbike using our free and instant valuation tool. It’s so quick and easy that you can get a valuation in just 60 seconds.

Fed up of lowball and finger-in-the-air offers? We let algorithms take the guesswork out of motorbike valuations for fair and honest valuations in a flash. No more uncertainty, just clear insights to help you take the next step.

Why use our motorbike valuation tool

  • Instant Results: No waiting around for someone to get back to you. No endless forms. Just an instant valuation for your motorbike.

  • Free Valuation: Our tool is free with no hidden fees or charges; plus you can use it as many times as you like.

  • No Strings Attached: It’s just a valuation, there’s absolutely no obligation to sell your bike.

  • Valid For 5 Days: Your valuation is valid for five days giving you plenty of no-pressure time to think about whether to sell.

  • Accurate Assessments: Backed by robust algorithms and comprehensive databases, we take the guesswork out of motorbike pricing.

    How to get your valuation

    1. Enter Your Reg Plate & Mileage: This will automatically pull up your bike’s make, model, year, and even colour.

    2. Condition: Simply provide some key details about the current condition of your bike.

    3. Receive Your Valuation: Within seconds, our algorithms will have worked their magic and you'll receive your valuation right on your screen.

    4. Make Informed Decisions: Armed with the knowledge of your motorbike's value, with your valuation valid for 5 days, you're free to decide your next steps.

      How do you value my bike?

      We start by assessing the current condition of your bike, taking into account every detail you provide. From there, we cross-reference this information with the ever-changing dynamics of the market.

      Utilising a blend of established industry guides and real-time market values of bikes with similar specifications, we ensure a comprehensive evaluation. But we don't stop there. Our process also incorporates our proprietary in-house data, curated to reflect the nuances of the motorbike market.

      By combining all these elements, we can confidently offer you the most accurate motorbike valuation possible. So, whether your bike is a classic cruiser or a high-performance sports bike, we've got you covered with a valuation that truly reflects its worth.

        What affects my bike’s value?

        There are a multitude of factors that go into a bike’s valuation. If we ignore market factors and just look at the bike itself, we mainly consider:

        • Make and model (obviously!): Popular brands with strong reputations for reliability tend to hold their values better. However, this significantly varies between models, and their exclusivity and unique attributes. Yet the major Japanese manufacturers, along with heritage brands including Triumph and Harley Davidson, stand as symbols of lasting value.

        • Year of manufacture: As with other assets, motorcycle values depreciate with time. The greatest depreciation is seen within the first 3 years of the bike's life with the rate dropping sharply thereafter. Different to cars, however, with bikes, the greater the price of the bike new, the lower the rate of depreciation. Whereas cheaper bikes’ value falls more quickly. Buyers often perceive higher-priced bikes as more prestigious or desirable, leading to less significant depreciation over time. Despite the lower rate of depreciation for expensive bikes, the absolute depreciation amount is likely to still be greater compared to cheaper bikes. This means that even though the percentage decrease in value may be lower for expensive bikes, the actual monetary loss in value tends to be higher due to the larger initial cost.

        • Mileage: Value is heavily influenced by what it says on your odometer. Data from the Department of Transport states that motorcyclists clock up an average of 4,800 miles per year, but of course, some bikes get worked harder than others. A commuter bike can do north of 10,000 miles a year whereas top-of-the-range Ducatis only tend to come out if and when the sun shines!

        • Condition: A well-loved bike can command a lovely price – look after your bike, and your bike will look after you. It goes without saying the better the condition of the bike, the higher its value. A bike in good condition not only looks better, but also highlights its quality, performance, and safety.

        • Service History: A full or part service history provides reassurance that the bike has been well cared for and is less likely to have issues. How much a full service history affects the value of your bike, however, varies significantly. Generally speaking though, the higher the spec of the bike, the greater the difference a full service history makes to the value.

          Does having remaining finance affect a bike's valuation?

          No, having remaining finance on a motorbike does not affect its valuation. We value the motorbike itself as an asset and consider the make & model, mileage, and condition, among other things. Given how you’ve paid for the bike doesn’t affect the quality of the bike, it stands that the value of a bike isn’t affected by having finance remaining.

          At WeBuyAnyBike.com, we even buy bikes with remaining finance and settle any difference directly with your finance provider. For example, say your bike’s valued at £5,000 but you still owe £2,000 on finance, we’d settle the finance directly with your lender and transfer you the remaining £3,000 for you to pocket. All bikes are HPI checked prior to purchase.

            My bike has aftermarket parts, how does this affect its value?

            As motorbike enthusiasts ourselves, we know that the second best thing in the world behind riding a bike is a Sunday afternoon spent tinkering. Whether it’s exhaust systems, tail tidies, crash bobbins, air filters, radiator protectors, heated grips, or panniers, there are more aftermarket accessory options than John McGuiness TT records. Whilst often held dear to riders, there isn’t an exact science as to how they may affect the value of your bike.

            Panniers will usually help increase the value of your bike, especially if it’s an adventure or tourer bike. However, whether other aftermarket parts or accessories increase the value very much depends on market demand, quality, compatibility, and installation.

              Does the time of year affect the value of my motorbike?

              Many people think you get a better price for your bike in summer compared to winter as more people want to sell when the weather deteriorates and buy when it starts to improve. However, whilst the logic makes sense, the reality is different.

              Ultimately, a motorbike is a depreciating asset and the passing of time isn’t concerned with how sunny it is outside. Moreover, compared with other variables that go into pricing a bike, the time of year pales into insignificance. We value bikes on a case-by-case basis and the time of year is not a factor we consider when valuing bikes.

                Can I value an insurance write-off?

                Yes. You might sound surprised by this but we still offer valuations on written-off bikes. When you go to value your bike, there is a question asking whether the bike is an insurance write off and you just need to select ‘Yes’.

                There are of course different categories of write-off, which will ultimately affect the value of your bike:

                • Category A: The bike is scrap and must be crushed including its spare parts

                • Category B: The bike itself is still destined for the crusher, however, some of the spare parts may be eligible to be sold as spares if their condition allows.

                • Category S: The bike has structural damage whereby the cost of fixing the bike is greater than its value. Resultingly, insurers are very unlikely to pay for it and instead, write it off.

                • Category N: Damage is largely cosmetic with no structural damage to the bike.

                As we always check the bike against the HPI register, which will reveal whether a bike has been written off by an insurance company, we factor this information in when we come to purchase the bike. If, on a Category N for example, the bike has been professionally repaired you can still get a good valuation despite being classed as a write-off.

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