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It goes without saying that we’re all always looking into new ways of securing our bikes. According to statistics, motorcycles amounting to the value of around £3 million are stolen every month – Just in the UK alone! Most motorcycle prevention methods are tackled using an immobiliser. In this day and age, we can’t help but look at other methods too!

As usual, the team at We Buy Any Bike have been scouting the web again. This time, we’ve found a shed for your bike! Or, in better terms, the BikeBOX24, which seems to be going a little bit viral.

Please Note: We Buy Any Bike do NOT sell this product. If you would like to purchase this item, please visit the BikeBox24 website.

About the Product

The BikeBox24 is an independent storage device specifically designed to fit a motorcycle. This mechanism is designed not just for theft deterrent but it is also made from a selection of durable hi-tech plastic materials to stop weather damage. The heavy-duty floor panelling has Scandinavian qualities to prevent the chances of easy manoeuvring. The standard box alone weighs a stocky 180 kilos, and well, with a bike in it… only you can answer that one!

The shed/box has the following features…

  • Overhead Swinging Tailgate with Gas Pressure Telescopic Springs
  • Rain Proof Holes for Garage Ventilation
  • Lockable via Integrated Security Cylinder Lock
  • Aluminium Handle
  • Galvanized Metal Pieces

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BikeBox24: The Men Behind the Machine

The BikeBOX24 is the product of brain-child(ren), Lothar Schmahl, and Guido Schäfer. Based in the German town of Nieder-Olm, BikeBOX24 is actually a project from its ‘mother’ company, TecXellent, formerly known as CNC Technik. Established in 1991, TecXellent is a Mechanical Production Company specialising in Mechanical tool configuration machines, nutcrackers, foosball tables, and the BikeBOX24… A bit of a mix really!

The Range

If you are concerned that your tourer might be too big… or even your trike! There’s no need to worry, the TecXellent team have thought about you too! They have provided the BikeBox24 in a pair of sizes, and here are the stats:


LENGTH                                        2.70M

LENGTH                                        2.85M

WIDTH                                          1.15M

WIDTH                                         1.48M

HEIGHT                                        1.70M
(open 2.95m)

HEIGHT                                          1.75M
(open 3.00m)
BASE                            2.35M X 0.92MBASE                              2.35M X 1.28M
LENGTH                                        2.50MLENGTH                                        2.65M
WIDTH                                          0.92MWIDTH                                          1.25M
HEIGHT                                        1.47MHEIGHT                                         1.55M
WEIGHT                                        150KGWEIGHT                                        180KG
PRICE:                                 €3,590
PRICE:                              €4,490

The Standard box is cable of fitting any sports bikes along with scooters or medium-sized choppers & tourers. It also doubles up as a storage space for up to 4 bicycles or any lawnmower or similar sized mechanical devices. The larger box is capable of comfortably fitting the big boys! Such as sports tourers, travel enduro bikes, and larger choppers.

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If you are concerned about your bike in transit when you’re off gallivanting abroad, Tecxellent has catered for that too… they have a BikeBox24 trailer! Here are the stats:

LENGTH                                                                     4.35M

WIDTH                                                                      2.25M

HEIGHT                                                                     2.60M

TOTAL WEIGHT                                                                1300KG


TOP SPEED                                                                 60MPH

PRICE: €10,990


Each Bikebox24 product is individually priced in terms of shipping from Germany depending on your location along with the make & model of your motorcycle. To find your personalised price, please email and the team will be able to help you!

About Us

WeBuyAnyBike pride ourselves on providing an excellent service that allows you to price up your bike from the night riding - webuyanybike - we buy any bike - comfort of your own home. We will buy your bike regardless of its age, mileage, and condition! So why not see how much the UK’s leading motorbike trader will offer, and sell motorbike to us today!

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Author: Emma Henry

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  1. Hi, do you know that there are many sponsored ads on Facebook that are using the platform claiming that they are selling this product for under $100.00 & some even under $50.00, I tried to complain to Facebook but they don’t want to know about it so I thought I’d let you know in the hope you may be able to get Facebook to get rid of those particular sponsored ads using the platforms

    1. Hi Haymond,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we don’t stock the Bike Box, we only wrote a blog post about it back in 2018. We suggest contacting the company Bike Box directly for an accurate quote.



  2. Dear Sir. Are you the only company that sells the bike box 24. My wife bought and payed for one and it has never came. Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you for your time.

    Richard Craft

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