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We Want Motorbikes! It goes with the name really, doesn’t it? For over 30 years, We Buy Any Bike have thrived to provide the easiest service for all bikers. We know that it can sometimes be painful when letting go of your pride and joy. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to hang up your leathers for good. It’ll probably be a bit easier if you’ve seen a new bike that tickles your fancy. Or, maybe you’re not a biker at all, and for one reason or another you’ve been handed down this motorbike and you don’t really fancy going for your bike test, you’d just prefer your garage back!

Whatever the case may be, we want motorbikes, because of this, we aim to make every situation as pain-free and hassle-free as possible. So, relieve yourself the stress of private selling and sell your bike to We Buy Any Bike today!

We Want Motorbikes!

The fact that we buy so many bikes makes us very happy. Here are just some of the many bikes we’ve bought in 2019 so far!


The gentleman who we bought this Suzuki GSXR from had a brand new model sitting in his garage. Our driver says he could’ve sat and stared at it for days, but he knew we’d be more than happy with this classic model, so he went on his way!


The lad who sold us this bike loves doing them up and he’s got a huge stash in his garage, probably too many to be honest!


Here we have the very well cared-for bike of a gentleman who decided that his time had come to hang up his leathers for the last time. The driver who collected this bike returned to the office with stories from this gentleman’s travels to the back roads of Poland, on this very bike!


We buy classic bikes too! In fact, we recently wrote an entire post on them. Here is a prime example of one we bought in December 2018!


This Off-Road Honda CRF250 was bought by us last month by a lad who had started work and simply didn’t have the time to go out and ride MX anymore. It was also a method to paying for a new bike he has his eyes on as a daily commuter!

Sell your Bike!

If you think getting a FREE instant quote from us sounds like a good idea... click here! We want motorbikes, and all we need is your registration number; our system will then give you a price. Our system is still a computer and it does occasionally struggle with getting the right quotes for our fellow biker friends. If you feel like your quote is off at all, please call our friendly team of professional and experienced bikers on 01274 600 224.



1 May 2019

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