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Where Can I Sell My Motorbike?

In this day and age, there are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to selling a bike. The internet is your oyster and your biggest library. Over the past few years, social media has proven to be a big contender in the market. With the industry growing and growing year on year, we can only imagine what the future has in store for the online market; and scarily for bike dealers.

Selling on Social Media

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It goes without saying that Facebook is definitely the biggest social media platform to date. Since it was first established back in 2004, the website, reportedly worth $190 Billion, hosts over 2.18 Billion active users per week. Throughout its early years, employers of Facebook were looking at ways of creating a platform where users could buy and sell their personal items. In 2014, they created the Marketplace… and it flopped. Then in 2016, they tried it again… and it worked! The Facebook Marketplace has proven to be very successful, with 450 million users per month; it takes the users location and works with that to connect with people in their area. A great safety aspect is that it doesn’t have any form of payment… no PayPal, MasterCard… nothing. All payment must be discussed and arranged externally between the buyer and seller, this is a highly important element when selling a bike!

Although other sites like Instagram and Twitter are very popular, they, unfortunately, don’t have the same platform. We do occasionally see users advertising their belongings similarly in the same style as a good old fashioned news bulletin advertisement. But, we can’t see this changing any time soon.

Selling on Trading Sites

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Originally established back in 1995, the name came from its original source, Echo Bay, which didn’t last long after founder Pierre Omidyar discovered that there was a gold mining company already incorporation with this name.  However, we think for a company founded in California, Echo Bay probably suited eBay a little bit better… it’s not like that mattered anyway!

Fast forward to 1999; this is when the company branched out into the world and fast became the world’s leading trading site. Just one year later, in the millennium, eBay Motors came to fruition. This allowed vehicle enthusiasts to have a large platform of their own to buy and sell all kinds of vehicles from all walks of life… Much like Auto Trader; which we are going to talk about next…

The idea of Auto Trader was born in 1975 when founder John Madejski took a trip to the States. In 1977 he brought the idea back in the form of a magazine with his soon-to-be-business partner, Paul Gibbons. They later produced a published article named Hurst’s Thames Valley Trader.

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In 1981 they proceeded to produce a second article called Southern Auto Trader, and in 1996, they branched out to the internet! It comes as no surprise that their website took off like a firework and soon became the leading website for the auto trade (pun intended). The website was such a success, that in 2013 they were able to eliminate the possibility of future publications and focus on the growth of the website.

The truth about selling privately…

It’s not for everyone. Selling privately takes a lot of dedication, stress, hard work and a lot of patience. Granted, if you take the time you can get more than market value, but your poor little bike is guaranteed to fall victim to:

  • Tyre kickers
  • General Abuse

As well as this, it opens the doors to lots of different people. If you choose to sell your bike privately, to someone who isn’t likely to love your bike as much as you, you’re probably going to turn various people down. In the end, you will find the advertising costs have mounted up greatly. As well as this, you’re probably going to get a lot of time wasters too!

Selling to a BikeTrader like us!

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