Biking Gear for Hot Weather

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Here in England, we’ve been blessed with some gloriously hot weather for quite some time now. As bikers, we’ve got a love-hate relationship with the sun. I mean, let’s face it, we’d love to love it, but the concept of being safe and not too hot in these conditions, sometimes just doesn’t mix quite well!

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Well, not to worry, WeBuyAnyBike have got you covered. No pun intended… we literally have! Safety is still very important, even when the weather is nice!

The sunshine brings everyone out, and it can be easy for us to get very excited and pick up speed. But remember, this factor stands for everyone else. Therefore, it could potentially be more dangerous than colder conditions!

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Here are some of our favourite safety heat-resistant clothing, accessories, and more, for when you’re on the road in hot weather…



This best-selling helmet is the next generation up from the IS-16.

Coming with a variety of features, such as:

  • Integral Sun-Visor
  • Polycarbonate Shell
  • Pinlock Anti-Fog Insert
  • SunShield, activated by one touch – 3 settings
  • Removable Antibacterial Interior

The helmet also comes with multiple ventilation departments. Often with helmets, we find that the ventilation systems are placed on the helmet. However, with the placement of the Sun Visor, the creators of the IS-17 wouldn’t be able to situate an air vent in this typical place. In replacement of this, they have placed a large vent in the chin area, as well a crown vent, and 3 additional ones to the circumference of the back and sides of the helmet.

This particular model comes in a large selection of sizes; from XS to XXL, it weighs up at an average of 1.55KG. In addition, it is reported to be very comfortable and it has a 5-Star SHARP safety rating!


AlpineStars GPX

How can you possibly add intense protection and high ventilation in one glove? AlpineStars will show you that with their GPX model! Advanced safety measures have been set in place by integrating a Dynamic Friction Shield into the knuckle area of the glove.

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Additional features have been added to support the fingers of the rider, including external thumb padding. All features are taken into account, the finger areas also feature perforated leather, as well as added gussets. These features have been added to ensure ventilation is at the strongest it can be, whilst being the coolest glove around.


Spidi Multitech Armor EVO

It’s evident from pictures that this jacket is highly ventilated. The guys over at Ultimate Motorcycling have done a review. Which suggests this jacket is so lightweight, you almost feel like you’re wearing just a T-Shirt!

Spidi has incorporated CE certified armour into many areas of the jacket. Including, the shoulders, elbows, back and chest. There’s no need to worry when you get on your bike, Spidi has got you covered with their highly preventative abrasion features, including Tenax Tactel polyamide.


Rev’It! Horizon 2

Our friends at GetGeared swear by these, and so do their customers… This is the most popular summer motorcycle pants on their website! Creators, Rev’It! Have introduced CE-certified Level 2 armour to the knee, as well as Level 1 armour inserts for the hips.

In addition, the ventilation system; which is supplied by VCS Aquadefence, hosts a Fidlock magnetic buckle clasp, provides you with the ability to introduce or remove the feature, should wet weather approach.


Riding in hot weather with boots on can be a nightmare. Sometimes don’t we just wish we could pour water all over our feet? Its times like this we have a love-hate relationship with the sun! No matter how tempted you are to wear something lightweight on your feet. It is very important to wear something with good support, should your feet experience a little bit of drama on your ride.

AlpineStars Web GTX Boots

AlpineStars have done it again! This time they’ve created this CE Certified boot to cater towards bikers who will venture out come rain or shine… literally!

Let’s be honest… you’ll need it in England!

Their breathable format and leather shell provide comfort for whatever the weather the sky may bring. They have provided a flexible frame for comfort. The Gore-Tex system installed in the boot gives high protection against water as well as increased levels of ventilation. Some other features include a toe box, VELCRO® brand closures, and ankle disk protection. A TPU shift pad, a rear reflective insert, as well as many more issues.

Before we forget!

It is very important to stay hydrated no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Thankfully, there is a variety of solutions for this when it comes to being a motorcyclist! Camelbak is our favourite. They supply a selection of different backpacks of many shapes and sizes. They do have other things, such as cups, but of course, our favourites are the backpacks. They’re all pretty big, and are sure to keep you hydrated!

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Image Source: Halfords

Travelling in Europe?

Being British, we know there are many hot places to go in the summer. In particular, there are plenty of hot places in Europe! Such as Spain, Italy… sometimes France! Well, if you’re planning a trip to one of these beautiful places, you might need a little backup website for if your bike happens to fail you, and you’re left stranded in a hotel.

WeBuyAnyBike have got your back once again! XL Moto had a collection of clothing, accessories, and even bike parts to get you on the road again! We definitely recommend saving them to your phone for future reference.

Don’t forget to let us know what your heat resistant gear favourites are down below!


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