Meet The CrossHelmet: The Smart Motorbike Helmet

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Introducing: A whole new futuristic way of riding with the CrossHelmet

With modern technology integrating with everyday life, it comes to no surprise to us at bike trader, WeBuyAnyBike… Someone has created the idea of a Motorcycle Helmet adapting to it too. This new smart helmet with an integrated GPS system provides you with a taste of riding in the future.

CrossHelmet: The Founder & History

Founder, Arata Oono, thought of the idea back in 2011 after hearing of multiple motorbike accidents, Oono decided he wanted to create a helmet that would boost safety when it comes to riding; this is when the idea of the CrossHelmet was created. 7 years later, the CrossHelmet is the world’s largest growing Smart Helmet to date!

Oono’s passion for bikes began aged 17 when he owned his first bike. His current ride is the Husqvarna SMS630; however, some of his dream bikes are the likes of the BMW R32 and MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro. Prior to his project, Arata Oono studied for his degree in design and industrial design at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Further to this, he began working at the GK Design Group where he took on the role of a Product Designer, working for big clients like Yamaha, where he helped design the MT-09.

To complete the team, also known as Borderless Inc, Oono works alongside Lead Designer, Kevin Tseng, and Engineer & CPO, Ryunosuke Kino. As well as Yamaha, in their careers, the team have designed and engineered products for Nikon and Sony.


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This up and coming gadget is fitted with a 360-degree camera which is projected along the top of the Head-Up Display, which is mounted on the front of the visor. This is to make sure the rider is fully aware of their surroundings at all times.

It also has access to statistics such as battery life, weather, temperature, and compass direction.

Another interesting element is the access to Siri or Google. This feature will allow you to modify the usage of road, engine, and wind noise, which often contributes to energy loss.

As well as voice activation, the CrossHelmet allows you to access your mobile phone through Bluetooth, which in connection allows you to access your phone’s contacts so you can talk to fellow riders, or other people whilst you are on the road. This can be significantly helpful for those who aren’t travelling alone.

Whilst your phone is connected to your helmet, it might be a good idea to download the app to go with it! This allows you to access your contacts, create a group chat with those you are riding with. It also comes with a trusty satellite navigation system, which can also be displayed on the HUD front of the helmet interior. This can be accessed through the touch-activated panels along the sides of the helmet.


The solid-state Lithium-Ceramic-Battery provides you with a risk-free experience whilst on the road. This feature prevents leakage, smoke, fire, or explosions, should the Helmet be damaged by the physical impact. Features, such as maps can be downloaded prior to setting off.

In the interest of safety, the CrossHelmet has a white light panel along the sides. If you are concerned about the safety of the helmet and the integrated technology that it provides, worry not! Oono’s project has been certified by the DOT, the ECE, and the JIS.


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The Helmet will be available in medium & large, with 3 padding sizes available. Appearance wise, the CrossHelmet would be slightly bigger in appearance with a larger field of view. The frame is a diameter of 363 x 274 x 315mm. It also comes in 2 different shades; Iron Silver, and Luster Black.

With high Aerodynamic standards, the helmet allows great ventilation and unique wind resistance for improved stability.

The CrossHelmet is available to order now. It retails at $1,799.00, however, due to the technicality and growing demand, the product is not yet available for delivery. It will, however, be available from Late 2018 – Early 2019. Further to buying your new helmet, you will receive access to the aftercare system. This will allow you to replace the helmet’s top shell at a reduced fee. The 2-year guarantee will provide you with any hardware or electrical repair.

Borderless Inc also has a website where you can find out more information on their mission, as well as other products they have available for pre-order such as clothing and accessories.

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