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Eco-Friendly Electric Motorbikes: The Bikes of the Future

Eco-Friendly Motorbikes, Cars, and all other electric vehicles are a way of the future. It’s without a doubt that over the years our planet has seen a lot of wear and tear.

However, the team here at bike trader, WeBuyAnyBike are here to save the day (or, a fraction of it), by showing you some Eco-Friendly, hassle-free Motorbikes that are bound to make the planet smile! 

Vetrix VX-1


This company is dedicated to supplying a future of eco-friendly motorbikes that are designed to be beneficial for our planet in years to come.

Here we have their Electric VX1 model. At an average retail price starting at $8,250.00, this award-winning e-scooter can reach a top speed of 120km/h. With a charging time of 100km/h from its 6.6kw Lithium-ion battery, it has a range of 280km from one single charge.

To cater to the customer’s preferences, the Rhode-Island based company had made it possible to purchase different sized batteries, such as 5.5kWh, the popular 8kWh, 13kWh, and the exquisite 16kWh. The battery of the bike can be monitored via the right-hand display panel of the instrumentation. When it comes to charging the battery, there is a compartment at the back of the bike which contains a large 3ft cable, simply plug this into a 230V/110V outlet and you’re set to go!

Vetrix is known for their innovative technologies. This eco-friendly scooter features a multi-functional throttle, giving you a regenerative braking system and a slow reversing feature for parking in tight spaces. In less than 6 seconds, the VX-1 can take you up to 100km/h with its remarkable In-Wheel Drivetrain.

Zero S


Zero Motorcycles are dedicated to producing a range of eco-friendly bikes that cater to the future of our planet. Motorbike dealers are selling the bike at a price of $10,995.00; the Zero S model provides a streamlined and eco-friendly way of travelling, reducing fumes and expanding the travel range of the battery life than any electric motorbike has to offer.

Not only does this bike reduce fumes, but it has a reduced level of noise output too; giving the rider more awareness of their surroundings. Another exceptional feature is that the charger for the bike can connect to any outlet within your own house! We know that electric vehicles are still quite new on the market and there aren't that many charging sockets available on the go. But, worry not! Zero Motorcycles have you covered!

The manufacturer’s bikes come with their very own app, alerting the owner of any alteration in their bikes status, such as battery level, custom top speed and all the statistics of their latest route!

Energica Eva EsseEsse9 Electric Motorcycle

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This Modena, Italy based manufacturer has created a selection of speciality eco-friendly, electronic bikes, one being the Eva EsseEsse9. This motorbike is the original project Energica have created; since then they have a small selection to add to the collection.

Inspired by one of the oldest roads in Italy; Via Emilia, the bike itself holds a big story. With Eva being the first model, it doesn’t quite reach the level of power that its descendants have. It does, however, reach a top speed of 125mph, which we don’t think is too bad; considering! Eva can be fully charged within 3.5 hours if you were to charge it with a Mode 2 or 3 Charger. If you have a type 4 charger, this time would be reduced to 30 minutes. So, you're looking to buy this bike... well, she's not cheap! Motorbike dealers are retailing Eva at around $26,500.00!

If you were to invest in Eva, you would be able to reach a speed of 125mph. On full power this bike can take you on a 90-mile journey, it has 4 driving modes such as Urban, Eco, Rain, and Sport, giving you a selection of bike riding styles to adapt to the green-feel.

Lightning Motorcycle's LS 218

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The famous eco-friendly electric Superbike by Lightning Motorcycles is possibly the most charming bike on this list. With a recharge time of 30 – 120 minutes depending on charger type, it can reach a top speed of just under 220mph. The California based company offer a variety of 380V battery packs for the bike, such as 12kwh, 15kwh, and 20kwh.

The Lightning Motors Corporation was established over 7 years ago, in that time they have focused on creating a record-breaking electronic motorbike, of which they succeeded; winning them many competitions and various speed records worldwide. Motorbike dealers are selling this bike, starting at a crazy $38,888. the Superbike weighs in at 495lbs, with 200 HP and 10,500 RPM.

The LS 218 has the ability to be adjusted for preload, to be adapted to height. It can also be modified for speed compression and rebound.

Electro Solar Scooter

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This exceptional futuristic eco-friendly machine has an entire cover made of solar panels! Presented by Quimera, the Scooter's porcupine appearance does make it quite unique; it is sure to turn some heads! However, we’re not sure this interesting find ever made it in the market of the motorbike trade. What we do know, is that the idea of it was award-winning, the planning and prepping involved in the prototype was quite a masterpiece, and it made headlines everywhere back in 2009. Not so much now, though.

The specifics show that the solar panels provided a 70% charge rate within the space of an hour, providing us with a top speed of 62 mph.

We also know that the company don’t really seem so active on the project anymore. We did think the idea was fantastic, however, and we definitely wanted to publish it in this post, just in case they come across it and miss working on their brilliant creation!

If you'd like to get a gadget to go with your new bike, we also did a feature on an up and coming smart helmet! Meet: The Crosshelmet.

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29 Mar 2018

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