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BMW Motorbikes we’ve bought this year

With many of you owning and loving BMW motorbikes. We thought we’d share with you the models we’ve brought most of this year and the average price we’ve paid for them when customers have sold their BMW motorcycle.

1) BMW S1000R – 33 Bought – Average price paid £5,065

First up, we have the BMW S1000R. First introduced in 2014, the S1000R is a ‘naked’ style motorbike which means it offers the speed and power of a sportbike but is even more lightweight and manoeuvrable thanks to its reduced fairings and bodywork. It’s a hugely popular motorbike, and we’d love to buy yours!


2) BMW S1000XR – 37 Bought – Average price paid £7,761

The BMW S1000XR was first introduced in 2015 to target the “sport tourer” sector. The S1000XR is extremely popular amongst the motorcycling community thanks to its blend of performance and comfort. We are always being asked to value them on our website, so get yours valued today!


3) BMW S1000RR – 42 Bought – Average price paid £7,501

Another BMW motorcycle we are always getting valuation requests for is the S1000RR. This is a much more classic model and was first introduced in 2008 as a race-oriented superbike to compete in the Superbike World Championship. The S1000RR was later released commercially and was last updated in 2019. It remains one of the most popular sportbikes out there. Why not find out how much yours is worth?


4) BMW R1200GS – 49 Bought – Average price paid £4,401

Finally, there is the BMW R1200GS. This is a real BMW classic and was first introduced way back in 2004. The R1200GS is an ‘adventure’ style bike which makes it appealing to many different types of riders and is why we receive so many valuation requests for them. This is the BMW motorbike we’ve bought the most of this year and yours could be next!


Thinking of selling your BMW motorbike?

If you are looking to sell your BMW motorbike, we can certainly help. WeBuyAnyBike has bought many BMW models and styles this year, all in different conditions and with different histories and mileages.

You can get an instant valuation on your model, and once you are happy with the offer, you can book an appointment for us to come and collect your bike for FREE! You will then receive FREE payment within 4 working days, or you can choose our Premier Payment option to get your money instantly. Giving you the immediate funds to start looking for your next ride.


George Sutton

6 Jul 2023

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