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5 Signs it's time to sell your motorbike

You’ve ridden thousands of miles together and created so many memories, but is it time to let your beloved bike go? Here at WeBuyAnyBike.com, we have put together 5 signs that it might be time to sell your motorbike.

1) Repairs are getting too costly and too frequent

As your motorbike gets older and clocks up more miles, it is inevitably going to start having more mechanical problems and become more expensive to maintain. Are warning lights and breakdowns becoming more frequent? If so, it is probably time to a sell your motorbike. Frequent trips to the mechanics are not only costly, but they are also eating into time that could be spent riding on a new bike.


2) Time for a change

Quite simply, it might just be time for a change. After all, nothing beats the feel of riding away on a new motorbike. Since you’ve owned your bike, there will be plenty of new models and styles that will have entered the market, so perhaps it’s time to go and get one.

It’s also worth thinking about whether your current bike meets your needs. Are you looking for a faster ride or a tourer bike for longer journeys? Or are you looking to make the switch to an electric bike? If the answer to any of these is yes, then it might be time to consider selling your motorbike.

3) Motorbike Technology

Motorbike manufacturers are always developing new technologies to help motorbikes go faster, perform better and to make them more enjoyable to ride. Motorbikes these days feature all sorts of technology including navigation systems, smartphone integration, cruise control, heated seats, as well as the latest advancements in engineering and safety. If your bike is feeling outdated compared to others, then selling it can give you the funds to get a new one that benefits from this very latest technology.

4) High mileage

Mileage is an important factor when it comes to selling your bike, as it generally gives a good indication of its wear and tear. If your bike is starting to get into the high mileage territory, then it might be time to start thinking about selling before it starts to encounter mechanical problems and becomes less reliable.


REMEMBER: The more miles you clock up, the more important it is to make sure your service records show that your bike has been maintained and looked after properly. This will help its valuation when you come to sell your bike.

5) You're simply not using your motorbike

As we all know, motorbikes are made for riding. If yours is spending more time in the garage than on the road, then it might be time to wave goodbye. Motorbikes need to be used, cleaned, and maintained so keeping it locked away isn’t good for its condition and value.

If all of this has made you think about selling, then we will buy your bike. In just 30 seconds you can get a FREE instant valuation, and you can start your sale journey. What are you waiting for?




30 Jun 2023

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