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Motorbike trader; what is it? Well, if you sometimes finding yourself wondering about this very question, you’re on the right website! We Buy Any Bike are the leading motorbike trader for the UK & Northern Ireland, so we might as well tell you how we work, if you didn’t know already!

How do we determine the price?

We buy motorcycles regardless of their age, mileage and condition, but we also base them on this. After purchasing a motorcycle, we often sell them to dealerships across the country. We even get dealers visit us from worldwide to buy our bikes on a regular basis. What do we do with the others? We sometimes buy them ourselves! – If we can’t resist of course.

We’re a huge team of bikers here at We Buy Any Bike and we always have a vision in mind of the future for that particular motorcycle. Would you like to know more, or simply how much we would offer? Get your FREE quote today or send us some pictures to

“I live in the Isle of Man/Channel Islands/Republic of Ireland… will you buy my bike?”

Yes we will! For just over a year we have extended our services to reach a little bit overseas. We like to treat our collection drivers to something a bit different every now and again. Do you have a bike for us in one of these places? Call us today on 0345 340 3616!

How can I increase my chances of getting the best price?

The majority of our inquiries are made over the internet. Our fellow bikers send us pictures of their bikes in exchange for cash, cheque, or bank transfer. To ensure that we provide you with the best price possible, we highly recommend that you give your bike a good old valet. This will help us to see the clearer picture (pun intended, if you wish), as opposed to us getting confused with a bit of dust for rust or something a bit more extreme.

Why should I choose

We Buy Any Bike are a service for people who are fed up of the tyre kickers, the hassle and stress, and all the rest that comes with private selling. By no means are you obliged to let us buy your bike, but with our 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot, we reckon it’s worth a quote to be honest!

Also, our slogan “we pay the most, we collect the quickest” is something we pride ourselves on. With us all being bikers, we know the hardship that comes with private selling, so we want to give you the best price that we can offer. That being said, we also collect quicker than any other bike trader in the UK! We have the biggest fleet of vans which allows us to collect your bike within 48 hours – and within most cases 24!

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  1. Hi! I have a collection of some bikes from past many years in India if any interest please…let me know … Regards Nayeem
    See some detail…
    1.Velocette 350cc MSS 1947
    2.Another Velocette 350cc MSS with modification for spare…
    3.Matchless 350cc G31953.. Jampod model.
    4.Sunbeam 350cc B24 1938
    5.NSU Konsul 350cc 1953
    6.Royal Enfield J2.. 350cc twin port..1938.

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