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Rider Hall of Fame: January – Steve Hislop

To start 2022 off, we’re welcoming a new series called the Rider Hall of Fame, and this month’s spotlight shines on Steve Hislop! Steve’s life started in the town of Hawick in Scotland, which is ironically where his childhood icon, Jimmie Guthrie was also from.

Early Life of Steve Hislop

Steve, affectionately known as ‘Hizzy’ had an interest in motorbikes at a very young age. This love came from his father, Sandy, who also had a big passion for bikes and was often known to encourage Steve and his brother Garry to ride. Steve and Garry had a very special bond, Garry was also a keen racer though his life was sadly taken from him at the young age of 19 in 1982.

Following this and the added stress of his father dying 3 years prior, Steve struggled; turning to alcohol as an escape. Although he was struggling, Hizzy had a huge support network around him and he soon realised that he could continue in his brother's footsteps, making him and his dad proud.

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The Start of a Career for Steve Hislop

Prior to losing his life, Garry was crowned Manx GP champion in 1982. Steve was so happy for his brother, that he decided to carry on the family legacy and compete himself. It didn’t take him long to make a name for himself. In 1983 Hizzy would come second in the Newcomers category during the Manx GP.

Over the course of his career, Steve would go on to win 11 races at the Isle of Man TT.

| Year | Result | | ---------- | ---------- | | 1987 | Formula 2 | | 1988 | Production Class B | | 1989 | Senior | | 1989 | Supersport | | 1991 | F1 | | 1991 | Senior | | 1991 | Supersport | | 1991 | F1 | | 1992 | Senior | | 1994 | Senior | | 1994 | F1 |

The 1992 TT was one that truly went down in history. Rumours circulated prior to the event that Hislop, along with Carl Fogarty weren’t to attend. However, the pair who were known rivals surprised fans by showing up. Steve went on to win that year.

In that same contest, fellow motorcyclist Maria Costello had a boyfriend who took part in the event, working for MCN. In an interview, she recalls living with Steve whilst her boyfriend was in the hospital. I highly recommend heading over to Hagerty to read the interview, it’s very interesting!

Other Achievements

The TT isn’t the only thing that Hizzy dabbled in. He also competed in various British Championships. In 1990 he won the 250cc Championship. 5 years later he brought home a win at the British Superbike Championship, and he did the very same thing 7 years later in 1992.

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Personal Life and Tragic Death

Steve became a father around the millennium when he and his then partner, Kelly brought their first son into their world, Aaron. Two years later Aaron was joined by his younger brother, Connor. By that time, Kelly and Steve had split. Years later he met his new girlfriend Ally Greenwood.

Sadly, Steve was to lose his life at the young age of 41 following an accident in a helicopter in 2003. Steve was loved by many and his memory lives on in a huge racing community, especially by his fans who still praise his work to this day. Steve has a few statues in his name; one located opposite his hero Jimmie Guthrie over in Hawick.



4 Feb 2022

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