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Where is the best place to sell my scooter? Here at We Buy Any Bike we have our own department that specialises in the valuation of scooters! Whether you have a Vespa, Lambretta, or even an MP3 or a Metropolis… we will buy your scooter regardless of its age, mileage, and condition.

How can I sell My Scooter to We Buy Any Bike?

By entering your reg on our website. Following this, our system may ask you a few more details regarding the age, mileage, and condition. We will buy your scooter regardless of this, but it just helps our calculator get to work to help get the most accurate valuation for you!

What will you offer me for my Scooter?

It completely depends on the current market value of your scooter. We may also look at other traders to compare and see how we can match best.

What will you do with my scooter?

If you like the offer that you receive from, We Buy Any Bike, our team will arrange collection. We will then be in touch with a group of traders, or it may go to auction. We like to be completely honest with our customers here at We Buy Any Bike.

Where can you collect my Scooter?

If you are based in the UK, you may have seen our vans travelling up and down the country. It wouldn’t surprise us – I’ve even seen them when I’ve been on my travels out of work! WeBuyAnyBike have the biggest fleet of vans than any other bike trader in the UK – this allows us to collect your bike or scooter in less than just 48 hours. Although, most cases are 24 hours.

We collect bikes from all over England, Scotland and Wales. If you’d like to know more, simply give us a ring on 0345 340 3616 and our buyers will be more than happy to help.




16 Feb 2023

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