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Top 10 Touring Motorcycles of All Time

We thought we’d put together a list of our top 10 touring motorcycles. Simply because, the We Buy Any Bike team are planning on doing some UK road trips this year. If your bike isn’t on here, please feel free to leave it in the comments!

1. YAMAHA FJR 1300

First up we have Yamaha’s FJR 1300 which proves to be a highly successful touring bike. The proof is in the pudding with this one, and you will see for yourself in countries like Spain, the Netherlands, and Australia. In these countries and many more, the FJR 1300 is highly respected in the fleet of police vehicles. Here in the UK we often see this beauty amongst our Blood Bikes.

We first saw the FJR 1300 touring motorcycle in 2001. A few years later in 2006, Yamaha added a few optional extras; such as, an automatic gearbox, and an adjustable seat and handlebar, just to name a few! As standard, the bike has a 1298cc transverse-mounted i-4 engine with 4 valves per cylinder.

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2. Honda GL1800 Goldwing

How could we make this list without adding a Goldwing?! This bike is an ultimate staple for touring! Although, you probably wouldn’t think that if Honda had stuck to their initial frame. Today, the modern Goldwing is almost triple the size of the original. Granted, that might be all luggage space, but still – like we said, it’s perfect for touring!

We’ve been blessed with the Goldwing since 1974 (72 if you count the planning). A few years later in 1977, riders across the world proved what a hit the bike had been. This was the first year that we saw the Goldwing Road Riders Association open in Phoenix, Arizona.

3. Honda ST1300 Pan European

Sticking with Honda, next we’re going to talk about the Pan European, specifically the ST1300. Now, I don’t know about you, but every time I see a Pen European, I just know that the rider is going places, it always makes me curious as to where though!

The ST1300 was first introduced in 2002, continuing production until 2013. Ot’s predecessor, the ST1100 started its journey back in 1990. Let me tell you, from the very beginning, you can tell that this bike was made to tour the world. The ST1300 comes as standard with a V4 liquid-cooled engine, as well as the iconic hard shell panniers. This bike will probably store your entire house if you plan your trip well!

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4. BMW K1600GTL

The first K1600GTL was introduced to us back in 2011, when it ironically won ‘Best Touring Motorcycle of the Year’… not bad for a first-timer! This bike hails from a whole line of K1600’s. The other models are the K1600GT (pictured) - a shirts tourer, and the K1600B which is the family bagger.

This is a very powerful tourer that has a lot to give in terms of travel. As time has progressed, BMW have sprouted out some more features for this bike. Some of these include, removable panniers, dual oil and water cooled four stroke 6-cylinder engine. 

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5. Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE

Inspired by its predecessor, the Z1000, Kawasaki introduced the Versys 1000 back in 2012. They initially introduced the standard model, equipping it with a 4 cylinder engine, 3 level traction control, as well as the ability to control the power. The Versys 1000 was quick to become one of the most sought out dual sport touring bikes around, which is why it’s on this list! 

When 2019 rolled around, Kawasaki decided to pull the SE model out of the bag. With this, came a whole load of tasty extras, such as:

  • Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS)
  • A Colour TFT Dash
  • Hand Guards and Heated Grips
  • Larger Touring Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Cornering Lights
  • Anti-scratch paint
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6. BMW R1200RT

By far one of the most common tourers that we buy is the BMW R1200RT, and we just love them, we can’t get enough! This 6-speed sport tourer comes comes complete with a flat twin engine. There are also a lot of other standard features that come with this bike; like, integral ABS, ASC, ESA, Cruise Control, Tyre Pressure Control, Keyless ignition, Heated Seats and much more!

The R1200 RT is a very durable and comfortable bike and it’s ideal for long distance adventures. Are you thinking about getting your wallet out for an R1200RT? Check out this review by Team Throttle!

7. Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

When it was first released back in 2012, Triumph had 2 major competitors. One being the equally as sought out Kawasaki Versys 1000 which also came out in 2012. The other being the BMW R1200GS. Today though, BMW have extended their range, providing riders with a larger family of tourers. 

However, with that being said, the Tiger Explorer still dominates the Triumph tourers. The bike features an exclusive triple motored engine. It’s a fantastic option for taking trips away on, complete with a comfortable pillion seat.

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8. Ducati Multistrada

Have you ever been to Italy? What about the Futa Pass? That’s exactly what inspired the Ducati Multistrada series back in 2003. Way back then, they only had the 1000cc model. Ducati would then work on this for a further 2 years before they released the baby sister, the 620cc and the twin brother 1000DS. Years went by and the Multistrada quickly grew on riders all over the world, but bikers weren’t ready for what was to come in 2010.

Yes, it’s been over 11 years and the 1200 Multistrada still holds a special place in our hearts. After achieving a win for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for a consecutive 3 years, we knew we had something special with this model.

The Multistrada range as standard come equipped with 4 rider modes; Sport, Touring, Urban, and Enduro. Alongside this you also get an exclusive Desmodromic Variable Timing Engine. ABS, DWC, DTC, DSS (not DFS - sorry, no sofas today), a height adjustable sea, and a Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit come as standard. 

2020 saw the release of the Multistrada V4, which is basically, a mashup of the classic Multistrada and the ever loved Panigale!

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9. KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

Nicknamed, ‘The Beast’, KTM first unveiled this beautiful machine back in 2014. Since then it has grown to become one of the most favoured touring bikes in the world. This versatile machine comprises of a 23L fuel tank, heated grips, tyre pressure sensors, cruise control, and much, much more. Displayed on the 6.5-inch TFT screen, you’re likely to find the usual handy features, along with 4 optional riding modes; Rain, Street, Sport, and Track.

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10. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

Harley’s Electra Glide was first introduced to the world back in 1965 just before the grand entrance of the shovelhead engine. When the world got used to the Electra Glide, Harley produced the Batwing Fairing; that was in 1969. At first, the Batwing fairing was a removable feature, but today it comes as standard.

Many years have gone by following the evolution of the Electra Glide. Today, some key features of the modern model include a 107 V-Twin engine, a solo touring seat, and 49mm forks with dual bending valve suspension. Harley have tried to target the older generation with the Electra Glide, making sure to minimise the amount of technology. Instead, they have added an extra glove box for storage in the place of what would’ve been the audio system.

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Let’s face it, if you’ve found this article you’re probably in one of these 3 categories…

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3 Jun 2023

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