Tips For Winter Motorcycle Riding

motorcycle riding in snow

If you are planning on riding right through winter, be as prepared as possible. Winter presents a few issues for riders, conditions can be challenging for both you and your bike. Knowing the potential hazards and how to plan for them is half the battle!

Although some people think it’s insane, winter riding can be enjoyable if you are prepared for it.

Dress For The Occasion

Yes, it’s an obvious one! Making sure you are as warm and comfortable as possible through the winter commute is essential; it’s all about the right choice of gear and the skill of layering.

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The base layers need to cover full arms and legs, they need to be of good quality letting your skin breathe and evaporate any sweat while insulating. Outer gear should be a waterproof, breathable windbreaker. Gore-Tex is always a good option, many riders swear by it!

When it comes to heated gear, people are fairly divided, I personally have had a positive experience. It’s nice to know that warmth is only the flick of a switch away. I have pretty bad circulation and sometimes my hands can go past the point of saving, even with good quality gloves. This is when I turn to the elements!..heating elements.

Bike Prep

Winter riding means your bike is facing some low temperatures and slippery surfaces. To make your time on the road safer, keep your bike serviced.

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  • Correct tyre pressures
  • Change the oil and oil filter
  • Check and lube chain
  • Check brakes both front and rear
  • Anti mist mirrors
  • Clean lights regularly

Some little extras you might want to add for your comfort would include a windscreen and handguards, keeping the wind from hitting you directly is a massive bonus.

Awareness of Road Conditions

As mentioned above, the roads are a dangerous place for bikers, especially in winter. There are a lot of elements to watch out for like black ice, wet leaves, snow slush and so on. You should be consciously looking out for these things, if you are going at a slow speed you’ll have time to swerve out of the way and avoid the problem area!

Being ahead of the game is the only way to win and stay safe.

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5. Plan Ahead

There’s no question riding in winter is dangerous, if you’re not prepared. Some people like to tuck their motorbikes away, or even think I need to sell my bike..! Winter riding can be great and will still get you to work faster than a car. Winter is the prime time to plan ahead and make sure you’re taking the best route possible. If you read ahead you may find out about some strong crosswinds, flooding or even just a road closure. There might not be anything life-threatening there but if there’s an easier route; take it before arriving at the problem.

Ride safe this winter everyone, and if you have any tips we haven’t mentioned here please do add them in the comments section..
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