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What is My Motorbike Worth?

What is my motorbike worth? Enter your registration number onto our website and find out today!

WeBuyAnyBike have over 16 years experience in buying bikes. To see what we have to offer, all you need is the registration number of your bike, or the make and model of your bike for a free and easy, simple valuation.

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The Best Way to Find Out... What is my motorbike worth?

Of course, this all depends on the bike. We always enjoy hearing stories behind bikes that people sell to us, and the value of your bike can all depend on...

  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Age
  • Condition

However, with all these elements taken into account, the true value cannot be guaranteed without the bike is in exceptional condition. WeBuyAnyBike have teamed up today to count you down on how to spruce up your wheels before you’re ready to sell to a dealer.

  1. The first thing you want to do is take your bike for a really good run. Plan your ride out to a secluded road on a really quiet day, with no distractions. You want to look into mixing your surroundings up; take yourself to both urban and rural areas to compare how your bike sounds. The best way to analyze this is by taking your mobile phone with you and activating the voice recorder app. These days, getting a Phone holder for your bike is very accessible. Here at WeBuyAnyBike, we love this one from ram mounts. It’s really easy to use and it’s a great price! We also recommend bringing a notebook with you too... why not?!
  2. So, you’re back in the garage and it’s time to get going! Begin by giving your bike a good wash. Removing any dirt from all the nooks and crannies will provide you with a blank canvas for when you’re ready to roll properly! Whilst you’re here, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to service your bike!
    WeBuyAnyBike have a little checklist for that... We’re good, aren’t we?!
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    ❏ Tyres
    ❏ Wheel Alignment
    ❏ Oil Filter
    ❏ Check the brakes
    ❏ Engine Coolant
    ❏ Electric works
    ❏ Lights, bulbs... That kind of thing!
    ❏ Mirrors
    ❏ Paintwork

    Of course, these steps are critical for when selling privately or to a dealer. However, if you’re considering turning to WeBuyAnyBike to sell your motorbike, it isn’t always necessary to be so thorough with these checks, because we will buy your bike regardless! Although, we always recommend it... It’s nice to have a pretty looking bike in our warehouse!

  3. Now the wheels are really in motion! You’re almost ready to say your goodbyes! Don’t worry... you’re not alone... it’s pretty common for people to have second thoughts when their old bike is looking brand new! However, if you really want to sell it, then it is now time for a good wash (again), wax, and polish. Sprucing up your bike once and for all, washing away any excess paint, giving your bike a good streamless look!

All About Us!

We know it’s all about the bikes, but we often get people wondering about our services, and so we thought we would tell you!

The UK’s leading bike trader! Yes, it’s true... we’re pretty proud of it too! WeBuyAnyBike offer a service that you won’t be able to resist! Our online valuation system provides an easy, hassle-free way of getting a valuation on your bike. Also, did we mention that the whole process is absolutely free? That is absolutely all of it... even the collection! It’s you getting all the money! Of course, we won’t pay you for us to pick it up... but you get what we mean!

If you like what you see and you accept our offer, one of our friendly team of bikers will shortly be in touch to discuss payment and collection. We offer cash in hand, bank transfer, cheque; you name it, we'll pay it! If you'd like us to collect our bike, we can do that too! No matter where your wheels are; in England, Scotland, and Wales, we will collect it! We have a big team travelling all around the nation on a daily basis collecting bikes, just like yours, or completely different!

Consider us!

Save yourself the hassle of selling privately, where you're bound to have tyre kickers, encounter advertising costs, as well as time wasters, and general hassle, and sell your motorbike to us today! Regardless of age, condition, or mileage, We Buy Any Bike will buy your bike.

WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest!



11 Sept 2018

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