We Buy Any Bike - Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions apply each time we buy a motorcycle (BIKE) from you, whether the purchase is completed in person, over the telephone, post, or email. Please read them carefully before offering to sell your motorcycle to us.

Nothing in these terms and conditions affects the statutory rights of consumers.

References to "Webuyanybike.com" relate to Superbike Factory Ltd. trading as "Webuyanybike.com".

1. About Us

Webuyanybike.com is a website operated by Superbike Factory Limited (“we” or “us”). We are a company registered in England and Wales under company number 08037214 and our registered office is at Snape Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 2NZ.

2. Acceptance of our Offer Price

You need to provide us with details about the type and condition of the bike you wish to sell. We will then present you with an Offer Price we would (subject to the rest of these terms and conditions) be willing to pay you for your bike. If you are pleased with the Offer Price, you may accept our offer to sell your bike to us at that price. We will ask you to reconfirm the details you provided in relation to the bike and will acknowledge receipt of your acceptance. After we have considered your acceptance we will let you know if we can progress with the offer.

If we decline to progress with the offer we will normally, but are not obliged to, give you a reason for our decision.

3. Price Quoted

Whenever we quote a Price, that Price is in Pounds Sterling and is inclusive of United Kingdom-rated VAT where applicable. You are responsible for the disclosure and payment of any duties or other taxes which apply. Our VAT number is 277727849. All prices quoted in the valuation are given in good faith and are derived from a combination of factors including the information supplied by the Seller. The provision of inaccurate, false, or misleading data by the Seller will result in an inaccurate valuation that cannot be relied upon by the Seller.

If you choose not to accept the price, you will be offered the chance to save your details for subsequent retrieval. This is a time-saving feature of our website and does not mean that you have saved the price. When retrieving your bike details the price will be amended to the current price for the details you have provided, you only secure a price against market changeability by making us an offer to sell your bike.

We will ask to collect your bike at an agreed address (in mainland England, or Wales) that you provided when offering your bike or you may deliver it to us at an agreed drop-off point.

Whilst we try to ensure that all Prices provided on our website, in our literature, and given over the telephone are accurate, mistakes can sometimes occur. If we discover an error in the Price we will contact you as soon as possible and give you the option of either reconfirming your Offer at the correct price or canceling it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the contract as being cancelled. No liability whatsoever can be accepted by Webuyanybike.com for accidental mistakes or errors caused by system failures.

Valuations are provided on a "subject to contract" basis and are not legally binding. WeBuyAnyBike.com reserves the right to withdraw the valuation at any time without legal consequence and with no liability to the prospective Seller.

4. Payment

Payment Options:

Our standard payment terms are four working days after the day on which you sell your motorbike to us.

Next Working Day Payment

For an additional fee of £24.75, we can arrange for you to receive payment on the next working day after the day on which you sell your motorbike to us. It is possible that events beyond our control may delay payment, and if that happens, we will not have any liability to you for the delay, save that we will refund the payment fee if it has been paid, or deducted from the Price, for the enhanced payment speed if the payment is not made within the timescales quoted on the invoice.

Premier Payment

For an additional fee of £29.75, eligible customers selling their motorbike can choose to have the payment made by Premier Payment to your account, at the point you agree to sell your motorbike to us. This payment will leave our account shortly after completion of purchase, please be aware that it may take your bank or building society up to 2 hours to process a Premier Payment.

To qualify for this payment, you must be the registered keeper and have all the required documentation to complete the sale.

We may not be able to offer Premier Payment where further validation checks may be required. Examples include;

  • You are settling finance (or where your finance company still has a registered financial interest)

  • You are selling a motorbike on behalf of someone else, or for a business

  • If HPI identified any discrepancies with the motorbike specification, or where HPI identifies any Category markers

  • If you have owned the motorbike for a short period and we require documents to confirm this.

5. Your Warranties

  1. The Seller warrants that all the information supplied during the online valuation process is accurate and true.

  2. The Seller warrants that the vehicle is not subject to undisclosed finance.

  3. The Seller warrants they own the bike absolutely - i.e. the bike is owned by you alone and is not subject to any arrangement with a third party where that third party has an interest in the bike (such as a secured loan, hire purchase, or leasing arrangement).

  4. The Seller warrants to the best of his knowledge and belief that the bike has not been an insurance write-off or involved in any other accident or theft that required substantial repairs or is currently or previously on any insurance register.

  5. The Seller warrants the mileage reading on the bike is true and accurate and that the odometer has not, to the best of his knowledge and belief, been tampered with or changed.

  6. The Seller warrants that there are no undisclosed physical defects with the bike that a prudent purchaser would want to be informed about (including any engine changes or changes to original manufacturers specifications, mechanically unsound or inoperable, un-roadworthy and or frame damage, and the like).

  7. The Seller warrants that they are aged 18 or over.

6. Conditions of the Contract

Our acceptance of your Offer is conditional upon the matters set out below.

The Conditions are that:

  1. At both the time you offer to sell the bike to us and the time we collect or you deliver your bike, you are not in breach of the warranty clause.

  2. We are able to confirm to our satisfaction that we will obtain full and unfettered ownership of the bike on payment of the Price;

  3. The bike is in the same condition (subject to fair wear and tear) as described to us when we provided you with the Price, including being free from any damage not disclosed at that time and the mileage of the bike not having increased by more than 1000 miles unless prior arrangements have been made, following your Offer;

  4. All statements you have made to us preceding and during the course of the contract are full and accurate in all respects;

  5. We collect the bike or you deliver the bike to us on the date agreed when we accept your offer of the sale of the bike and in any event, within 7 days of us accepting your offer to sell us your bike.

We may ask to inspect your bike before accepting your Offer. In any event, we will inspect the bike when we collect it or you deliver it. If any of the above conditions are not met, we may at our choice recalculate the Price or cancel the contract between you and us. If we choose to recalculate the Price and you do not wish to sell the bike to us at the revised Price we will treat the contract to be void.

If we determine within 7 days of collection or delivery of the bike that you have not complied with any of the above conditions we shall treat the contract as having been repudiated by you. We shall return the bike to you and demand repayment of all sums we have paid to you.

7. Collection By, or Delivery To, Us

If you have agreed to deliver the bike to us, you shall deliver it on the date arranged between you and us. If you have asked us to collect the bike, we will make all possible efforts to collect the bike from a place and at a time convenient to you and we will endeavour to be there at the time agreed but are not able to warrant that we will not be late.

We collect UK-registered bikes from the UK mainland - i.e. If you are in Gurnsey, IOM, Ireland, etc. anywhere not on the UK mainland, then the bike needs to be brought to the mainland.

When we collect or you deliver the bike you will provide to us:

  1. All keys and other items necessary to fully operate the bike;

  2. The bikes service records and invoices;

  3. The bikes V5 (also known as the log book);

  4. The bikes road tax disc;

  5. The bikes manuals;

  6. Any original equipment

We will take title to and risk in the bike when we take physical possession of it.

8. Use of your Information

Privacy Policy link on the homepage of our website at www.Webuyanybike.com.

9. Complaints and Liability

If you have any queries or complaints please email CustomerServices@WeBuyAnyBike.com We, our directors, employees, and other agents shall not be liable for damages of any kind including without limitation, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, loss of income or profits, loss of or corruption of data, loss of or damage to property or claims of third parties, arising out of or in relation with our purchase of the bike or our late or non-collection of the bike.

We do not limit or exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or any rights you may have as a consumer to the extent that such liability and rights may not be limited or excluded under applicable law.

10. Validity

If any of these Conditions of Purchase are unenforceable it shall not affect the enforceability of the rest of these Conditions of Purchase.

11. Variation

Other than as provided in these Conditions of Purchase, nothing said or implied by our employees or sub-contractors shall amount to a variation of these Conditions of Purchase or a representation about the nature or quality of our products.

The terms of this cannot be varied by oral representation or otherwise. Any deviation must be in writing and signed by both parties.

12. Trademarks, logos, and copyrights

The trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on the Site (whether registered or unregistered) are and shall remain the property of their respective owners. Nothing contained in the Site shall be construed as granting any license or right to use any Trade Mark displayed on the Site without the prior written consent of the relevant Trade Mark owner. Your misuse or infringement of any of the Trade Marks displayed on the Site is strictly prohibited.

13. Third-Party Rights

Nothing in these Conditions of Purchase shall give any person who is not a party to the contract any right to enforce any of the terms of the contract.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Conditions of Purchase and the contract shall be deemed to have been formed under and shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with English law. The English Courts shall have jurisdiction to hear disputes between us.

Please be aware that we are in no way associated with Webuyanycar.com.