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7 Unique Accessories for your Bike!

For any motorcyclist, their bike is their baby, and they deserve to get treated with accessories every now and again! Motorcycle trader We Buy Any Bike are here today to let you know about 7 motorcycle accessories that you probably didn’t know about!

1 KiWav Buck Black Mirror with TPMS

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When I saw this for the first time, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it, but I knew I had to read more! To install this bad boy, you have to first remove the tyre and attach something to the wheel (instructional video here). After that, you get a little number that lights up on your mirror telling you the pressure of your tire! At $300, it is a bit of an investment, but it’s a handy one at that – and it looks cool.

2 Cosmo Moto

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Nobody wants to be wired up to their bike do they? Thankfully, the guys over at Cosmo Connected have got us covered. When we first saw this, we thought it was good, but then we looked into it more, and we think this is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread! Presented as an attachable magnetic bar for your helmet, the Cosmo Moto can then be connected to your phone. From here, you can then set it up to register when your bike brakes, alerting fellow road users from the back. Not only that, but you can assign 3 contact from your phone to be alerted in the event of an accident! How handy is that?!

3 Big Pantha


Sticking with the helmet theme, don’t we all hate it when we park out bikes up outside a shop then we have to cart around our helmets? The Big Pantha is simply designed to secure your helmet to your bike when you venture into a shop, or wherever you might be gallivanting to!

Are you tired of reaching for your intercom when you get bored of a song? I don’t know how I’ve just found this, but it seems I’ve been a bit delayed with switching on the lightbulb lately. This nifty little gadget was originally designed for steering wheels, but there’s a few fellow bikers on the internet who’ve been attaching it to their handlebars. Obviously, you might want to add a bit of duct tape to it for good measure. The remote does what it says on the tin – you pair it with your phone and you can control it at your finger tips – simple as!

5 Rainpal

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Out of all the accessories and gadgets listed on this post, this one has to be the only one hailing from England, doesn’t it? Here we have a clip on windscreen wiper for your visor – a perfect little friend for when you’re out and about on rainy days. This gadget works on a cross between a rotating motion and a ‘swishing’ classic wiper-style motion. Fantastic description there... right? I think the best thing for you to do is just to head on over to the Rainpal website and see for yourself!

6 Smart Turn System

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We all have that friend who constantly forgets to cancel their signal – leaving you nagging at them via intercom. Sound familiar? Well, if your friend had this little gadget from Slovenian-brand Safer Turn. This would certainly avoid confusion among other road users! The Smart Turn Signal uses the vibrations of the road with a mix of motion and acceleration detection. Along with a gyroscope to detect when you’ve finished your move – in turn, turning off your signal!

7 Custom Taylor 33 Rim Tape


I don’t know about you, but I’ve got loads of pages that I follow on Facebook that always post really eccentric bikes. They look a bit extreme but I can’t help but want a bit of what they’re eating! After doing a bit of research, I’ve found that it’s quite easy to deck out your bike. It seems so with this tape anyway!

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19 Aug 2019

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