Autotrader Bike Valuation

I want an Autotrader Bike Valuation! Before trying Autotrader; why not try us! With Autotrader, selling privately can cause you a lot of stress.

Relieve yourself the hassle of:

  • Tyre-Kickers
  • Advertising Costs
  • Time Wasters
  • Haggling
  • General Stress!

 A little bit about AutoTrader

Although the website was first established in 1996, the company has been trading since long before then. The idea first came to fruition back in 1975. Founder, John Madejski introduced the idea to business partner Paul Gibbons in 1977 in the form of a magazine that he found in the USA. The company was initially called Hurst’s Thames Valley Trader. They later produced a second article in 1981, but this project didn’t last long.

Following the growth of the website, the publications were stopped in 2013 due to the success. Auto Trader has proved to be one of the most popular auto sales websites in the world. Statistics prove this! In 2016 there was told to be 8.6 million cars sold on the site.

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Fun Fact: AutoTrader founder John Madejski left the company in 1991 to take over Reading FC!

About Us!

Auto Trader is surely a great way to explore, find similar bikes just like yours, and it can be a great way of private selling! AutoTrader Bike Valuation is a very simple process, but WeBuyAnyBike has a similar system, and ours is probably straighter forward! The system that Auto Trader offers goes back to back with its selling system… By the time you’ve thought about pricing up your bike, you’re pretty likely to be intrigued as to what you’re going to buy next!

We are always available to discuss quotes with you. We’re all bikers through and through. We don’t buy cars, or any other form of transport, other than motorbikes. So, speak to one of our experts today on 01274 600 224.

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Get a motorbike valuation from us today, see what we can offer! Simply enter your bikes registration number into our little box on our homepage for a free quick and easy quote today! If you like the look of what we have to offer, our team will shortly be in touch to discuss how you would like payment, and where you would like your bike collecting!

We offer cash in hand, bank transfer, cheque, or if you can think of any more, we might be able to do that too! Once payment is arranged, we can discuss collection! We pick bikes up from all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on a daily basis; as long as you live in those areas, we’ve got you covered!

No matter the make, the model, the condition, age, or mileage of your bike; we will buy it! Whilst you’re thinking about selling privately, why not have some second thoughts and sell a motorbike to us instead?!

WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest!

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