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Best Mobile Apps For Bikers

Are you looking for the best mobile apps for bikers? Technology is literally everywhere these days, this can be overwhelming at times but if used in the right way the digital intel you can access is endless.

This information can be a massive advantage to riders, but you don’t want to be stood at the side of the road frantically trying to find the nearest fuel station or how to avoid a roadblock up ahead. Riders need to receive information instantly, rather than spending ages scrolling on Google. apps.

We Buy Any Bike have created a list of our favourite mobile apps for smartphones, which will come in unbelievably handy while out on a ride!


This is an excellent app, making it easy for riders to connect through an online community. On here you can post stories, places, pictures, reviews, routes, events and so on. It also acts as a tracker, not only recording your location but distance, speed and duration.

On the social side of things, this is perfect for meeting fellow riders as you can communicate with each other so effortlessly. Whether you’d like to organise a meet up, ride out or plan a biker’s event, this is the ideal app for the job. In addition, it will also tell you all the biker friendly cafes and hang outs near to your exact location!

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Rain Alarm


This app generates data from governmental weather services and works in a load of different countries. It warns you of rain and snow by silent alarm, pretty handy.. especially if you live in England where the weather is constantly trying to catch you out!


For those who like to keep an eye on petrol prices, we bring you WhatGas. What an amazing piece of technology, this app can bring up all the nearby petrol stations and compare the prices for you! So it will take you to the closest pump if you’re on red, or if you are just looking for a good deal it’ll show you where to head.


Best Biking Roads

A well known app in the biking world is Best Biking Roads, searching for fun roads was never so easy. You enter the region or country you’d like to ride and the best roads in that area are brought up. It has over 10,000 route recommendations and reviews from 80 nations around the world, rated and categorised by fellow bikers.


Another awesome app focused on helping you keep safe. For this app to work you need to keep it on your person, it can detect whether you have had an accident by looking for changes that it might expect in a crash like rapid deceleration and falling motions. These motions will trigger an alert which if not deactivated, will send your location details to the NHS Ambulance Service. This is amazing if you ride on your own and want the reassurance.

The accident alarm isn’t the only thing this app does, you can report road hazards, share routes, photos and random points of interest.

St John Ambulance First Aid

If you haven’t had first aid training before, and you are involved in or arrived at the scene of an accident this is a good app to turn to. It is literally a life saver.

On here there are hundreds of illustrations and videos to turn to in the event of a crisis, giving you critical first aid situations. So if you happen to come across someone needing your help and you don’t have any signal, this app gives you some backup.

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9 Jun 2017

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