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13 FREE Must-Have Mobile Apps for Bikers in 2021

Do you fancy adding a few new extra apps on your mobile? You will probably be aware that the new iPhone 13 was recently released. In celebration, we thought we’d look at some of the 13 most popular apps for motorcyclists who just love going on an adventure!

Apps for ‘on the go’


Whether you are a car owner, a bike owner, or both, Waze is a fantastic app for all. It has a bit of a social side that allows users to contribute in notifying other users of any road works or accidents that they may find along the way. I first downloaded the app during our flooding season here in the UK. Some may say it’s flooding season all the time! Waze was very helpful in flagging up the worst areas to avoid and letting me know of a huge detour to take!


This map is one for discovering off-the-road locations for the real adventure. OsmAnd is a free app in itself. It allows you to download 5 free maps before requiring a subscription from £6.99 a year (£3.49 for the first year).


Do you have a location in mind? Don’t fancy taking a shortcut? Well, we don’t blame you! Calimoto is a handy little app that will take you and your bike for a ride of your own! Once you select your location, you can set how many miles on average you would like to take, and Calimoto will set to work to find the best route for you.

Charge Map

Do you have an electric bike? Sorry, you probably already have this. But, if you don’t, we’re sure you will soon! Charge Map is basically what it says on the tin. It will find you your nearest charging point for your bike!


We were in a bit of a pickle where to put this one. Get your friends to download this app and share your route with them. Detecht is an app that acts like a sat nav, but it also notifies you of any hazards along the way. There is also a tab where you can find fellow riders sharing their pictures of their trips too! The app is also implemented with an automated crash detector which will notify your emergency contacts of an incident if the notification is not declined within 60 seconds.

My Ride

Produced by Yamaha, My Ride is an app that allows you to track your ride for your own records. It will let you know the weather forecast before you set off. Whilst you’re on the move it will track your distance, altitude, speed, lean angle, acceleration, as well as time riding.

Moto Journal

This app is handy for making notes of your trips and documenting everything that happens along the way. It’s basically a journal... which is what it says!

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Down Time


Have you ever seen a weather-notebook-map-social app all rolled into one?... Introducing Riser! The main feature is the ride tracker. This is a perfect tool to track your ride, make notes it the weather, add as many pictures as you want, tag your friends too! You can also set the ride to be public or private.

Eat Sleep Ride (ESR)

This fun app is very similar to Riser. You can track your rides with your friends just the same. The only difference is that this app is implemented with a crash detector. The much lighter side of it is that you can enter fun competitions to win things!


Are you addicted to MCN? Do you need your fix? Go paperless and read your favourite motorcycle news from your phone!

In the Garage…

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Mo. Ride

Mo Ride is an app that allows you to track the maintenance of your bike. Make notes of what needs doing and Mo. Ride will be there to help assist you in reminding you!


I wasn’t entirely sure where to put this one. Fuelly is an app designed to take note of any services and petrol top-ups for your vehicle. You can also take notes too.

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28 Sept 2021

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