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Top 10 Most Popular Motorbikes In The UK This Year

It’s easy enough to research sales figures and find out which bikes have been the best sellers recently. However, bike trader We Buy Any Bike wanted a fair insight into which bikes are actually on the road day-to-day. We Buy Any Bike looked at Bennett’s statistics to see what riders have been insuring. Their figures show the top 10 bikes this year as below, in no particular order:

1. SUZUKI GSF 600 N BANDIT - 1995-2007

The trusty Bandit! This bike has lived through the years for a few reasons; it’s the perfect all rounder offering good quality and most notably, affordability! It’s a brilliant budget middleweight roadster;straightforwardd, easy to ride and fun..what’s not to like? suzuki gsf600 95 03-768x461

2. HONDA CBF 125 - 2009-2015

The punchy little CBF is an air-cooled, fuel-injected, four-stroke, single-cylinder commuter. Its a nice, easy to ride bike which is ideal for people with a CBT licence or just someone who needs a little run-around. The CBF125 has great modern styling and features such as a front disc brake, alloy wheels and improved instrumentation. Untitled-43

3. SUZUKI SV 650 S | 1999-2004

This bike was a massive hit as soon as it was launched; it’s a half-faired sportster, which has popularity living on in 3rd generation today. It’s a great light, newbie friendly machine and perfect as a commuter due to its nimbleness. 2001 SV650S 450

4. YAMAHA YBR125 | 2005-2016

The YBR125 is a lovely looking little bike; it’s a very popular air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder roadster. Some people think it has pretty basic styling and it’s either love or hate, whatever your thoughts on its looks the fact is that this is a ridiculously cost-effective bike to run. It’s Gentle, easy going and practical. yamaha-ybr125-768x480

5. HONDA CBR 900 RR FIREBLADE | 1992-2003

The game changer! Hondas legendary bike is said to have changed the course of superbike history. It was such a massive hit in 1992 that it affected the bikes of its time, as well as the future direction. Six of the extremely distinct models were created by Tadao Baba’s team and the new, 1000cc version took over in 2004. Still, in 2017, its one of the most insured bikes?! Amazing. mcbr91997sta-01-768x601

6. YAMAHA FZS 600 FAZER | 1998-2004

Yamaha’s answer to the massively successful Bandit was the FZS600 Fazer. Everyone has their own preferences, but some believe Yamaha created an all-round better machine with this bike. The Frazer offered more power at 95hp compared to Bandits 77hp and better handling, all for nearly the same budget price... Yamaha-FZ-S-600-Fazer-768x576


Originally launched in 1994 as the unfaired version of the 900 Daytona, Triumph had no idea how successful this machine would be. So much so that they are still living on! Of course, there have been a few upgraded versions since the first, the last couple included a restyle in 2011 with the more angular lights and made into the 140bhp R and S versions in 2016. 4471-768x576

8. SUZUKI GSF 1200 BANDIT | 1996-2006

The big bro of the 600 and a massive success, 1200. The 600 was in demand and people loved it, but there was a distinct lack of ‘go’ for the people who wanted that bit more in terms of power. As predicted, 1200 did very well, and although was obviously heavier and larger, had the grunt that people craved. 114460@suzuki-bandit-1200-768x511

9. HONDA CBR 1100 XX SUPER BLACKBIRD | 1997-2005

The massively popular sports-tourer is another of Honda’s legendary machines which are standing the test of time wonderfully.  One of Hondas best all-round motorcycles out there; it’s a useable, comfortable, tidy handling but also an insane power-house (that actually used to hold the record as the fastest production motorcycle). 800px-Honda CBR 1100XX SuperBlackbird2-768x576

10. TRIUMPH SPRINT ST | 1998-2017

Here we have the brilliant three-cylinder sports-tourer and general all-rounder.  These bikes offer a stable, neutral and relaxed ride on pretty much any road with plenty of grunts. It’s easy to see why the Triumph Sprint ST is still one of the most ridden bikes in 2017, a brilliant machine with minimal grief. 2002-Triumph-SprintSTc-768x572 So that’s what the statistics say, from one of Britain’s top motorcycle insurers. Did any of these bikes shock you, or do did you expect a bike to be on here that isn’t? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!...


22 Sept 2017

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