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Bradford is a historic city that is thriving with arts and culture. So much so, that it has won the title of the ‘city of culture’ along with the ‘city of film’ and a UNESCO title various times. Only artistic towns and cities qualify for this! According to the 2017 census, the population of Bradford stretches to over 534,000 residents. Since Bradford is our home town, we know it like the back of our hands, so we’re here today with a biker’s guide to ‘God’s Own Country’!

Motorcycle-Friendly Hangouts & Cafes

Squires Bar

Ok, if you’ve been to Squires before, or even if you’ve just simply ‘heard of it’ you’ll know that it’s not situated in Bradford. It is just next door though, and it’s pretty famous, so we thought we’d include it!

Squires didn’t initially open as a ‘Biker Cafe’. Back in 1954, it was called Squires Bradburys Milk Bar, but it wasn’t long before it became popular amongst the biking community. If you pay a visit to the website today, you’ll see just how popular it has become. There are bikers from far and wide that pay visits to the cafe on a regular basis. So, if you’re in Yorkshire, don’t miss out on the chance to visit Squires!

Route 59

If you fancy a cheeky ride out to Skipton, we’d highly recommend popping over to Route 59 – another famous Biker Cafe in Yorkshire! They do pretty good breakfasts too, and make sure to head on over to their Facebook Page where they regularly post pictures of their guests bikes!

The Guide Inn

Located just outside of Bradford, on the back-roads of Keighley, The Guide Inn offers a friendly atmosphere as well as a huge car park for bikers. It comes as no surprise that down to its location, it was the host of the Pre-1965 Yorkshire Bike Trials. Nowadays, the grounds can be available for camping! All the Guide Inn ask is that you contact them beforehand to discuss.


This is a fairly newly opened rock bar in Bradford. It is run by bikers and it regularly holds bands here on a weekly basis. Although there isn’t any parking availability on site, this is one I personally recommend to anyone who is stopping over in the city centre wishing to go out for a few drinks in the evening.

Motorcycle-Friendly Accommodation

Red Lion Hotel

The Red Lion is primarily a historic 16-th century inn that is regularly jam packed with locals. When approaching the pub you might be concerned about their parking facilities, but if you’re on two wheels, you’ve got nothing to worry about! There is a sign on the adjacent gate saying ‘motorcycle parking only’!

Located just 150 yards from The Red Lion is ‘The Manor House’.  This property is equipped with 11 bedrooms, and it is ideal for those wishing to stop in a nice warm luxurious bed in the Yorkshire Dales!

The Leggers Inn

Nestled along the canal banks of Dewsbury is the Leggers Inn. The Leggers is a great place to visit on a nice summer’s day. When approaching the pub, you might be a bit confused because it’s located on a bit of a back-road. However, you’ll soon notice that you’re there because the car park will be filled to the brim, and there’s no doubt that there’ll be people sat outside socialising beside the boats parked along the bank.

Biker Clubs

Routes around the Bradford District

Preston to Halifax

York to Halifax via Squires

Yorkshire Dales Loop

Biker Events in Bradford

Other Useful Links

Sell Your Bike in Bradford!

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