Guest Blog: The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Responsible Road Riding Safety

Road fatality data reveals that motorcyclists lost more lives than any other vehicle category. Alertness and judicious driving are a must to ensure motorcycle safety. A motorcyclist has to be sober. Maintain visibility and use only approved helmets at all times.

Check out this helpful infographic by SoloMoto. For a visual guide to motorcycle safety before reading the rest of the article:

Motorcycle safety

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The importance of safety awareness, alertness, and anticipation

Smaller size and lower visibility. These are factors worsened by uncontrolled downshifting and wayward weaving. Constant alertness, cautious anticipation. As well as judgmental awareness is a key component of safe road riding. Safe riding practices are must-dos for motorcyclists. Reducing road fatality and serious injuries.

Enjoy the ride but drive safely

Ironically, it is the sheer thrill and uninhibited joy. Cruising down a motorway on a motorcycle exposes you to serious danger. As an avid motorcyclist. You are statistically more likely to lose your life or invite injury. So your riding experience should be a mix of impeccable balance. Precise hand-eye coordination, and sound judgment. Read the following tips to improve your driving experience. Live long to tell your grandkids tales of adventurous journeys.

Seven safety rules that make you road ready

  1. Say no to unlicensed driving

    Update your knowledge of road rules. Clear the written paper and pass the riding skill test in your state and jurisdiction. This gets you a powerful endorsement that validates your driver’s license. Remember that some states waive the skill test. If you’ve cleared a state-approved motorcycle rider education course.

  2. Say no to alcohol and drugs

    Intoxicants impair judgment, slow reflexes, and distort hand-eye coordination. Inebriation makes you unmindful of risks. More dangerous to fellow motorists.

  3. Master motorcycle handling

    Remember that it’s the motorcycle that determines how you drive. Get an intimate feel of the vehicle. Judge how the vehicle holds up in extreme weather conditions. Across roads, highways and dirt tracks. When you pick a passenger or carry cargo, calibrate your driving adjustments.

  4. Ensure your motorcycle is roadworthy

    Maintain deeper anti-skid tire treads and correct tire pressure. Hand and foot brakes should be sharp and responsive. Test the headlights and signal indicators. Just as you never fail to fill your tank, regularly check fluid levels. An oil or gas leak is bad news. Plug leaks before you venture out. Silence squeaky suspensions and ensure adequate tire pressure when you are carrying a heavier load.

  5. Adopt risk averse driving

    Self-protective driving which is risk averse is your best protection. Respect traffic rules, be alert to signs. Lane markings and signals, yield to faster motorists. Drive well within the speed limit to take evasive action. Reflective markings on your motorcycle.  Free use of lights and indicators during daytime make you more visible.

  6. Educate your passenger to ride responsibly

    The informed pillion rider always mounts after ignition. Leans closer to you, keeps feet firmly on the footrests. Leans in tandem with you as you weave, and avoids sudden movements. The passenger should only dismount when you say it is okay to do so.

  7. Never compromise on protective gear

    An unprotected head invites the most serious injuries and fatalities in road safety mishaps. Select a motorcycle helmet that conforms to the standards approved by DOT and British Safety Standards. These lighter but stronger helmets have a head hugging polystyrene foam and a strong chin strap. Prevent brain damage in a collision or fall. A reliable faceguard or eye goggles will keep out windborne dust and debris.

Avoid body fluid loss by wearing rugged leather apparel or heavy duty denim. Protect hands and feet using gloves and ankle covering boots. Reflective clothing makes you visible on the road.


The popular saying “start early, drive slowly, and reach safely” neatly sums up the philosophy of safe and defensive driving. Follow our tips, enjoy your ride, and reach your destination and family. Happier that you’re a responsible rider.

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  1. Very informative post, especially the infographic. I wonder why the number of >50yo motorcycle drivers has increased over the years. Do you have that information? Great tips to learn and remember!

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