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Melanie Sykes, what does she know about MotoGP? - BSA Bikes and Motorbikes

So just a few weeks ago, Melanie Sykes was announced as the new anchor for BTSport's MotoGP coverage. But what caused chaos among fans was that nobody knows what she knows about the sport.. How do you present a sport to fans (that know about the sport) that you know nothing about?

Ok, so we don't know what she knows about the sport. We've gathered that. But do the commentators know too much? Too much that they give information that Melanie could ask etc.

Perhaps they could give us information about why the accident happened. A bit like ex-racer, James Whitham, does for the BSB and WSBK races. The return of the duo Keith Huewen and Julian Ryder is a great move for the new coverage. They work incredibly well together.


I think Neil Hodgson will have to have his work cut out, but I'm sure he will do. He's a ex-racer and will know what will be going through the current racers minds while they are sitting on the grid. He'll have to get a bit of inside gossip while asking the right questions. Again, a bit like James Whitham does with the BSB coverage.

image of melanie sykes

Melanie Sykes the new face of MotoGP on BT Sport

Taking a risk with Melanie Sykes has been controversial but it can only go one of two ways! But I've seen her on ITV before, not presenting a sport, but a cooking show and she has humour and is quite handy behind the cameras.

Really, she can surprise the moaning fans or they will prove her right, but as I say, seeing her on screen before, I'm sure she will get stuck right in and take the opportunity as a learning curve.

I have to say though

The Tuesday evening show will be anchored by Iwan Thomas.. I personally don't know what he knows about the sport either? But is it because he's male that he's expected to like motorcycles and racing?

Again, if the coverage was anchored by a male then that could have been classed as sexist..! In a very male-dominated sport, it's nice to see females getting an opportunity to learn, like and get stuck in with the sport.

Personally, I think it's a good line-up. So, best of luck to them. I won't be watching as I don't have the channel but nevertheless they will have a lot of people to prove wrong.



5 Mar 2014

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