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8 Reasons Why Riding a Motorcycle Is Good for Your Mental Health

This week is mental health awareness week, in aid of this we thought we would share why Motorcycling is beneficial for your mindset. If you have any thoughts or contributions, please don’t hesitate to leave them below!

The Freedom is the Best Medicine for your mental health

It goes without saying that Motorcycling gives you the ultimate sense of freedom. I don’t mean when you’re stuffed in the middle of a great big city centre, that bit will come later. Finding the freedom with you and your bike on a great open country road is a great way to clear your mind. When you’re on your bike, you haven’t got the time to think about your worries.

It gets your brain going

Scientific studies show that riding a motorcycle is a fantastic way to activate your brain. This especially applies when you’re in a busy area. Like we mentioned earlier, when you’re on your bike you have only got time to concentrate on the road/surroundings in front of you. You are constantly thinking about the next step that you have to take. With that being said, riding in the city can be a stressful experience, so a better stress-reliever would be the countryside.

image of black and white motorbike

You can start a new skill!

Taking a new skill is always a good idea to keep your mind busy whilst you’re undergoing stress. When you’re the owner of a motorcycle, it kind of goes hand in hand to learn how to maintain it, and it’s a rewarding hobby too! Also, you never know - learning skills could land you your dream job! If you already have those skills, why not check if there are any Bike Rider jobs available?!

It’s great for your Physical Health

Believe it or not, motorcycle is a fantastic workout! It’s a great way to train your core and legs, and even your neck muscles. It you think about it, and if you’re a wise little owl like most of us, helmets are heavy! Maintaining your physical health is always an advisable method when working on your mental health.

Socially, it’s up there too!

Even though you’re usually the only one to ride a motorbike (pillions excluded), the community is a great one. Motorcycle clubs are the most renowned type of club in the world, and you can find them everywhere. Another great way to socialise with bikers is go to a hot spot. Even if you’re on a quiet ride out to clear your mind. You can alternatively team up with your biker friends and go on a ride together.

image of harley motorbike in the mountains

Opportunity to Travel

Need I say more? We’re not talking about just the UK here. In fact, Jenny who used to blog for us is a prime example! Read her blog post here.

White Noise is good for your soul and mental health!

The droning noise that your motorbike makes may be annoying, but it can be quite soothing after a while. It has also been proven that white noise is good for your mental health. It’s especially good if you leave your bike on idle for a bit. So, picture this:

You’ve pulled up at one of the most iconic beauty spots in the world with your bike waiting for you in the background.

Drinking water improves your mental health!

Staying hydrated is a huge importance to mental health. It keeps you mentally aware and keeps your mind clear. Luckily, businesses have adapted to this, just like Kriega! We love their Hydro-3, which you can buy here.

Do you have any other thoughts on how motorcycling can improve your mental health? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



14 May 2021

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