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Sell My Bike in the Borough of Ealing

Are you looking to sell your bike in Ealing? Look no further! The London area is the most visited place on our drivers’ Sat Navs! London and it’s boroughs have their bikes collected all the time from WeBuyAnyBike. So get your FREE instant quote and sell motorbike from this buzzing borough today! borough-ealing-motorbike-motorcycle-bike-we-buy-any-bike-webuyanybike-bike-trader-biketrader-motorbike-trader-motorbiketrader-sell-my-bike-sell-my-motorbike-bikers-guide-768x512 Over the years, Ealing has developed into a thriving borough, from the tiny little village that it once was many, many years ago. Today, Ealing is one of London’s most populated boroughs with 342,000 people residing in the heart of it.  Many people visit Ealing as an option for staying over on their visits to London. It is an ideal place for bikers to stay if they’re paying a visit to the area. We Buy Any Bike has created this biker guide to let you know all the top biker-friendly places in the area!

Biker-Friendly Cafe’s & Hangouts in Ealing

Unfortunately, being in adjacent to London, Ealing has minimal parking facilities. With this in mind, WeBuyAnyBike has searched high and low to find the most motorcycle-friendly places with car parks with a perfect spot for your pride and joy.
The Duke of Kent
A Georgian building with a modern twist! The team at The Duke of Kent are experts and cooking up some delicious high-class cuisine, along with some fantastic beers & ales on tap! This pub is a very popular place, they often have a variety of events to entertain their guests too! This year, they were proud to host Shakespeare in the Garden, but they also host weekly specials. Throughout the week they have special deals on their meal/drink combo, along with calming live music on a Sunday.
The Greystoke
This Greene King pub is the go-to place to catch up on all your sporting events. Football... American Football... Basketball... Tennis... they have the lot! To go with your entertainment, they have the classic ongoing drinks, along with a collection of signature special ales on offer!
The Railway Hotel
As of lately, this family-friendly pub has had some renovations! Not only is this too a Greene King pub, The Railway is also in partnership with Flaming Grill Pubs. They have a huge range of dishes to devour on their menu, along with a perfect selection of drinks to go with your food. hotel-accommodation-we-buy-any-bike-webuyanybike-luxury-biketrader-bike-trader-motorbike-trader-motorbiketrader

Biker-Friendly Accommodation

The Bridge Hotel
Situated in Greenford, The Bridge Hotel offers a pleasant stay to all their guests. Providing a “home away from home, and a pub that will become your local”, as quoted from their website. This hotel is conveniently located just a 15-minute ride away from Wembley Arena. Whether you are stopping for a drink or staying the night, The Bridge offers a whole array of entertaining events! Coming up whilst writing this, is a P!nk tribute act – they also show all mainstream sporting events. This hotel comes with ample parking on site and it is even adjacent to a petrol station – perfect!
Hotel 55
if you’re after a peaceful luxury spa experience after a long ride – Hotel 55 is the place to be. This boutique hotel has 29 rooms available, each carefully decorated to suit the aesthetic of the hotel itself. There is limited on-site parking with a first-come-first-serve basis. However, there is a National Car Park located nearby the hotel with a small charge.
Caspian Hotel
You might be familiar with this hotel if you are a fan of the TV show, The Hotel Inspector. This guest house has been on it twice! The Caspian offers the facilities of continental breakfasts for all guests. Staying at this hotel, you have a choice of 9 comfortable rooms to choose from, 5 of these being en-suite. Alongside, there is also a large car park on premises with plenty of motorcycle parking space.

Motorcycle Repair Shops & Parts

  • Big Jims Motorcycles Michael and his team offer a variety of very valuable services to a whole range of motorcycles & scooters. They have over 25 years experience to their name, you
  • Reg Allen – London
The famous Reg Allen store is unfortunately no longer in business at the old location. However, owner Bill has continued the business in selling parts at another location in Ealing. Please visit the link to contact him!
  • Jap Star Motorcycles 5 stars right across the board on Google! Matt is a truly trusted mechanic, offering expert service in repairing all motorcycles. One bike, in particular, was considerably damaged upon the impact of a car. After a 2-day turnaround, the wheels of the bike were in action once again!

Motocross Tracks

  • Runnymede Youth Motorcycle Club Track Evidently, by the name, the Runnymede Youth Motorcycle Club run this track! The premises is run for the purposes of practice only, with a turn-up and ride policy intertwined with this. To find out more information, please contact the RYMCC.

Useful Links for Bikers in Ealing...

Motorcycle Parking in the area

Fun Facts about Ealing!

  • The London Motorcycle Museum is situated in Greenford, within the borough of Ealing... A perfect place for a day out filled with lots of vintage motorcycles. We also featured this museum in our post for the UK’s Top Motorcycle Museums!
  • You’ve probably heard of this one... apparently I should’ve according to everyone else, but Ealing is home to Ealing Studios. This is basically the Abbey Road Studios (I’ve heard of that one) of the film industry. Ealing Studios are rumoured to be the oldest film Studios still in action to date!... See what I did there? It first opened in 1902, and since then it has been responsible for a huge selection of blockbusters. Such as No Limit, Dead of Night, along with more recent productions, Dorian Grey and Shaun of the Dead.
  • The pièce de résistance of Ealing is the Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery – and it is very much worth a visit! It was rebuilt and owned by famous architect John Soane back in 1800 – 1810. Soane was also famous for designing the Bank of England. Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery is a very intricately designed building both on the interior and exterior. Today it plays the role of an art gallery, but a lot of the artwork is in the building itself.
  • Ealing is one of the most multicultural boroughs in London. It is home to a large population of diverse cultures, Irish, West African, Polish and Indian folk are among just a few. In Southall, Ealing resides the Sri Guru Singh Sabha, which is London’s largest Sikh Temple!

Sell My Motorbike in Ealing

Riding a motorcycle within the borough of Ealing can be expensive but it is also very exciting. If you are looking to upgrade your wheels, you might want a bit of cash to go with it! Why not try out the services of WeBuyAnyBike, we’re the UK’s leading motorcycle valuation specialist with valuable experience in selling bikes. We’re a big team and we’re all bikers, previous to working for We Buy Any Bike and right now! So, we know the hassle that comes with private selling, and we created this service so you don’t have to. Get your FREE motorcycle quote from us today, and we will collect your bike for FREE from Ealing. Our team work day-in-day-out to get your bike out of your hands within 48 hours of the first contact. Don’t forget... We Buy Any Bike pay the most and collect the quickest!


17 Dec 2018

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